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リリース日2009-07-13 16:00:00
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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Mobile Receipt reduces the time and hassle it takes to create an expense report. Take a picture of your receipt, enter the receipt details, and generate the expense report. No more losing receipts! Check out how quick and easy it is to take pictures of your receipts and create an expense report from your iPhone.

Check out Mobile Receipt for FREE!

Mobile Receipt has three modes: Free, Basic, and Pro. Try Mobile Receipt for Free. If it’s the right solution for you, upgrade by purchasing Basic or Pro. Each Mobile Receipt mode has the same functionality, but the number of new receipts available per month differs per Mobile Receipt mode:
• Free: 5 receipts per month
• Basic: 30 receipts per month
• Pro: Unlimited number of receipts per month

How it works:
1. With the Mobile Receipt app, take a picture of a receipt. The receipt is then converted into a high quality image.
2. Enter the receipt details which include receipt amount and expense category (e.g. travel, lodging, food, etc)
3. After taking a picture of all your receipts, create an expense report with the Mobile Receipt app.
4. Your expense report and a print ready copy of your receipts will be emailed to you.

Features include:
✔ Easily capture a receipt with the iPhone’s camera. The picture of receipt is automatically cropped, rotated, and scaled as if you carefully photocopied each one.
✔ Enter receipt amount, select payment type (cash, credit card), and record any notes about the expense.
✔ Assign an expense category for each receipt (Food, Lodging, Airfare, Taxi, rental car, etc). You can also create your own customer expense categories!
✔ Supports all major currencies in the world. Each receipt can be assigned a unique currency.
✔ Track car mileage by recording driving distance. Supports miles and kilometers.
✔ Review, edit, and search your saved receipts.
✔ Quickly create an expense report by assigning each receipt to a new report.
✔ After submitting the report, you’ll receive an email with a professional looking expense report and all of your receipts in PDF format. You can the print the Expense Report or send the PDF as an email attachment.
✔ If your receipts include multiple currencies, the expense reports will automatically convert each receipt into your default currency (Dollar, Euro, Colon, Pesos, etc). Currency conversion is based on daily exchange rates.
✔ If you need to export the expense report into another format, Mobile Receipt also provides you with a Rich Text Format (RFT) and a Text (CSV) version of your expense report.
✔ If you need to modify your expense report, make the necessary changes and resubmit it. Each time you submit an expense report, you will receive an email with the PDF, RTF, and TXT versions of the expense report.

What makes Mobile Receipt a great application?
• Mobile Receipt is a 100% mobile app! No desktop export or 3rd party website integration. Capture your receipts and create your expense report from your iPhone.
• Simple account setup after app installation. Use your primary email and create a password… that’s it!
• Mobile Receipt is easy to use and simplifies the tedious process of gathering and sorting paper receipts that keeps you mired in paperwork. It prevents the loss of receipts. Eliminates the need for cutting, pasting and scanning. No more faxing or mailing your expense reports and receipts.
• The picture of the receipt will look nearly identical — or even better— than the original receipt.
• Mobile Receipt saves time, enhances productivity and can help speed-up your reimbursements.
• Creating an expense report is fast and simple. You can use the default PDF report or export the data into your own corporate expense report template.

For more information and a video tutorial, visit

Fixed issue when resync would fail.
Fixed issue when Expense Reports would fail to generate.
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