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開発者Mantis Bible Company
リリース日2009-07-13 02:09:00
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互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Requires iPhone OS3.0 or above.

New Revised Standard Edition

This beautiful copy of the New Revised Standard Version Bible includes:

* The full NRSV Old and New Testaments plus Apocrypha
* Inline translator's notes (which can be toggled on or off individually)
* NRSV Chapter and Section Headers
* NRSV Paragraph Breaks

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Mantis Bible Study is the most advanced Bible Study Tool available for any mobile platform. A long list of unique features make Mantis Bible Study stand out as the premier tool for accessing the Bible on the iPhone:

Flexible content:
• Comes with the full King James text
• Works offline -- no network connection is necessary for reading and studying [Note: A network connection is required in order to load new resources purchased from our web site or to optionally backup and restore your data.]
• Additional Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, devotionals and other books can be purchased and installed immediately. Check for available titles

Great navigation options:

• Quick History
• Quick-reference chapter and section headers
• Grid Mode
• Tap the book name to navigate books
• Tap the chapter number to navigate chapters
• Tap-and-drag corners for quick access to volumes, books, chapters, and verses
• Shake to close all open items
• Auto-scroll the text for easy reading
• Email any verse along with your personal notes

Fantastic study tools:

• Build Your Own Study Bible (see for details and an instructional video)
• Easily create bookmarks, notes, and highlights
• Inline Note Editor
• Live Scripture References inside personal notes
• Create, edit, and move bookmarks and bookmark folders
• Unique "Analyze Verse" feature
• Fast and flexible, yet simple search system
• Save search results as a named folder full of bookmarks
• Personal notes and translation notes appear inline with the text and can be toggled on and off
• Highlighting Bar allows highlighting of individual words and phrases in 4 colors
• Inline verse-display toggle links for all cross-reference links
• Jump directly to Biblical text from cross references inside commentary, dictionary, devotional, or other books
• Fantastic support for Bibles with integrated Strong's Numbers - tap a number to open a definition, tap it again to close it [Note: Strong's Number Support is only active for Bibles containing Strongs Numbers - which are sold separately]
• Additional support for Strong's Numbers: drill-down to root word(s), tap to find where a number is used throughout Scripture, then tap and preview verses, integrated support for Brown-Driver-Briggs', Thayer's Greek Definitions, and other Strongs-based resources [Stongs-based resources are sold separately]

Plus much, much more!

Bug fixes
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