IRelax Water

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開発者Dean Avanti
リリース日2009-07-18 17:28:51
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互換性iOS 2.2.1以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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IRelax Water puts the soothing sounds of nature at your fingertips. Learn to relax, feel the tension drain away and find your own emotional retreat away from the stress and anxiety of modern life for some much-deserved inner peace.
Rest, relax, unwind and chill-out to the ambient sounds of:

Coastal Sunset
Gentle Ocean
Lake At Twilight
Lake Shore
Mountain Stream
Ocean Night
Stormy Coast
The Harbour
Tropical Beach
Whispering Ocean

Each enchanting soundscape is accompanied by natural art – images and sounds that will transport your mind and soul to a relaxed, transcendental state of simple meditation.

Immerse yourself in the sounds of the sea, feel the sand of distant beaches between your toes and the irresistible calming call of the ocean. Imagine yourself relaxing adrift on a great lake or tranquil deep blue sea far from stress at work, emotional stress and all the causes of stress…

Coping with stress can be part of our daily hectic modern lives, so it is essential for our health and well being to reduce its harmful effects. Stress management is about relieving stress with healing relaxation techniques to alleviate those harmful symptoms, anxiety, depression, fatigue (physical and mental), headaches and sleep disorders to name just a few…

But managing stress means finding the time to deal with stress. How do you find more relaxation time to overcome stress? Spiritual enlightenment takes a lifetime, you can't always carry a yoga mat around and have you figured out how to meditate when all around is bustle and noise? Noise pollution of modern living is not therapeutic to your relaxation, you need to cleanse and purify the toxins with a natural soundscape, natures own chorus of balanced natural harmony.

IRelax Water creates a therapeutic, peaceful and natural environment through the elemental sounds of nature's greatest force… Water. This is stress relief you can take anywhere, any time, any place – your personal haven of peace and tranquillity.

Rediscover how to relax, rest and reduce stress with iRelax Water.

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