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For over 10 years Diet & Exercise Assistant has been the leading diet and fitness software for mobile devices. Now you can have a personal dietitian for a fraction of the cost. Learn what to eat and how much to eat as you track your nutrition and exercise. You can start losing losing weight by getting Diet & Exercise Assistant today.

Basic Features:
- Begin by inputting your personal information and weight loss goals.
- Select a diet plan or customize your own plan to match your doctor's advice.
- Customizable to match any of the popular diet programs today.

Automatic Nutrient Calculations:
- By analyzing your personal information, your daily food budget and nutrient targets are automatically calculated for you.
- For more accurate calorie calculations you can specify your activity level while at work.
- You can override the automatic calculations and enter your own food budget and nutrient targets.

Fancy Logbook:
- Use the Logbook everyday to input the foods you eat and the exercises you perform.
- The logbook will automatically total your calorie intake, exercise output, and compare the totals to your goals.
- Use the Daily Journal to take notes during the day to help you understand the situations where you want to over eat.
- If you have a blood pressure device you and input, track and graph your blood pressure.
- Learn how to take body measurements and track your new body as your diet plan starts working.
- If you input body measurements your percent body fat is automatically calculated for you.

Large & Configurable Databases:
- Select food items from a large database containing more than 20,000 food items.
- Included in the databases are food items from hundreds of popular restaurants.
- Select from over 200 exercises and over 100 sports.
- Instantaneously search the food and exercise databases to find the items you are looking for.
- The databases are completely configurable. Add, edit, or delete any food or exercise item you wish.
- Create your own favorites folder and put all the foods you typically eat in your own group and categories.

Meal & Food List:
- As you eat insert, edit, or delete food items from the meal list.
- Copy and paste a single food item or complete meal from one day to another.
- Easily create your own recipes from a list of food items and add them to the database.

Exercise & Sports List:
- After you exercise insert, edit, or delete exercise items from the exercise list.
- Copy and paste one or more exercise items from one day to another.
- Input the minutes you spend exercising and the calories you burned while exercising is automatically calculated for you.

Power Features:
- Use the graphical Daily Weight Chart to compare your current and target weight to what is considered normal, overweight, or obese.
- Use the graphical Historical Weight Chart to plot your weight over a period of time.
- Use the Nutrient Summary Tables to summarize all days and to compare how well you did in relation to your daily food budget.
- Use the new bar graphs to visually show your data over a period of one week or one month. Change the date to view any month you wish.
- On all charts and graphs a green color or icon will represent a day where you stayed on track, a red icon or color will represent a day were you missed your goals.

Graphs Available:
- Calorie and Other Nutrient Graphs
- Calories per Meal Graphs (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack)
- Exercise Graph
- Blood Pressure Graph
- Body Measurement Graph
- Body Fat Graph

Units of Measure:
- English (lbs - inches) and Metric (kg - centimeters) units
- Pinch, teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, pint, quart, fluid ounces, liters, ounce, pound, grams, etc.

- Track calories, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, total fat, and saturated fat.

-Amazing performance improvements when using the charts, graphs and tables. All graphs display instantaneously.
- You can now delete a single day of data or specify a range of days to delete. Deleting old data is extremely easy with this powerful utility.
- You can now password protect your user data so only you can view or edit it.
- Diet & Exercise Assistant now saves your user data when you close each screen.
- Fixed all reported bugs.
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