Battery Go! (Battery Life Tool)

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Recommended by the New York Times as a top way to keep your battery lasting longer.

Reviews - "Battery Go is a handy utility for anyone taking a trip or going mobile...As such, I recommend the tool for a good idea of how you can use your iPhone when power is at a premium." - review by John Brandon

"Will definitely be welcome to heavy iPhone users. If you've gotten battery level warnings on your iPod or iPhone before and wondered just how much usage you have left, give Battery Go! a try." - Troy Dreler of PC Magazine

"Best of all is the slider, which allows you to calculate various hypothetical scenarios. Let’s say you want to watch a video, but you don’t know if you’re phone will last that long. This app can tell you." - Matthew Shaer of

"A novel addition, for sure. Now, if only this app could extend the battery life of Apple's devices, we'd really be in business." - Shawn Oliver of


Say you're sitting at your sister's high school graduation but you'd rather be watching your favorite movie and want to know if you will have enough battery life to last through the whole ceremony. Maybe you're sitting on a plane wanting to listen to your favorite tunes but you're not sure if you'll have enough juice to call your mom once you land. Just launch Battery Go! and see your battery percentage as well as the amount of time you have remaining to use your phone, watch videos, browse the web, or listen to your favorite music. Battery Go! also offers helpful battery saving tips. It's quick, it's easy, it's simple, it's Battery Go!

Battery Go! determines what device your running and then gives you the most accurate information possible to help you keep an eye on your battery charge.

Important Note: The times displayed in the app are in the format of hours:minutes, these figures are all estimates based off of device technical specifications. Application only gives battery life to nearest 5 percent, thus figures should only be used as a rough estimate not as exact fact. At 10 percent battery life remaining, app gives warning that battery is dangerously low. BatteryGo differentiates between different models. Supports iPod Touch - all generations, iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS.


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