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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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This app is very big with over 5 hours of video. We suggest downloading the app on a computer then syncing via iTunes. Those who provide a bad review because of download times should consider the scope of this app and reconsider their review. Those who are thinking about purchase need to consider again the apps size at just under 800mb it's not going to be an instant download.

ChakraAlign *previously Chakralign has recently received a facelift and has also had the added functionality of In-App purchase making available an immediate upgrade to the full version without revisiting the AppStore and making it even easier to enjoy longer sessions.

ChakraAlign full version via in-app purchase upgrade contains 15 minutes of video available in 3 different speeds for a total of 45 minutes of actual meditation video for each chakra, totaling more than 5 hours of video.

ChakraAlign will work with your seven chakras and allow you to become stress free. You can use the sounds of the chakra tuned Tibetan bowls to go into a deep meditative state where you can be grounded physically, have a clear mind, and explore your spiritual connection to a higher power. Having chakras that are opened is a method of having a happy life. The “good life” and a positive psychology of your experiences can be achieved with open vibrant chakras that are aligned.

ChakraAlign can be used by professional mental health clinicians in working with clients, hypnotists, EMDR clinicians, NPL trained people, rapid eye technology specialists, as well as social workers, counselors, therapists, and psychologists.

Coaches can use the sounds of the Tibetan bowls to create a sound stream or structured meditation for their clients.

Use the sacral and base chakra sound tracks to spice up your sex life. Hearing and feeling the vibrations at your sacral chakra will enhance desire and passion for both men and women.

Work with the heart chakra and feel more compassionate about yourself and others. If you have had a relationship breakup use the heart chakra music and let yourself heal.

Work with the third eye chakra video and you will have greater concentration and the possibility of clairvoyance.

If you are a person in one of the anonymous “recovery” programs, the bi-lateral sounds and light movement of the crown chakra can aid you in finding your higher power in your day to day life.

Use the solar plexus tracks and find a way to have freedom from inner conflicts.

Come to the website for a more complete understanding of the chakras and the sounds of the Tibetan Bowls. Ira Dressner will be offering audio classes for people wanting more from this app.

Fixed video issue so video is visible.
Fixed in-app purchase functionality so that upgrade is required to access full video content.
Fixed all URL's to point to new website which was a result of the application name change.
Fixed buttons to reflect correct URL.
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