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Climate Eye - International Weather, Temperature and Rain

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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Provides daily CLIMATE AVERAGES and WEATHER FORECAST information for more than 1300 major cities & locations throughout the world. All data is supplied by OFFICIAL government sources in each respective country.

Ideal for
* Travelers - who need to know typical weather conditions for overseas locations for any particular time of year, for prospective future trips
* Weather Hobbyists - for a quick and easy way to become aware of unusually warm or cold weather in areas all around the world
* Students - for information about climates of overseas locations
* Anyone with an interest in the vagaries of world weather and climate

Main Features
* Keeps a list of your favorite cities for quick viewing of today's weather around the world
* Shows current time and day for each city in the list
* Has colored visual indicators showing how abnormal today's temperatures are for each city
* Ability to drill down to current forecast, sunrise/set times and climate averages for any time of year for each city
* Ability to add extra favorite cities, either from lists, by searching for name or by proximity to your current location via GPS
* Switchable units to suit all international needs ie. °F/°C, inches/mm, km/miles
* Has the look and feel of a polished brass meteorological instrument

* Forecast maximum and minimum temperatures are shown
* To the right of each forecast min and max temperature is a series of red or blue marker bars - from none up to six
- Each marker represents 2°F / 1°C deviation from the average for this day of the year
- Red markers indicate ABOVE average; Blue markers indicate BELOW average
- No colored bars means the forecast temperature is normal (average) for this day of the year
- Six colored bars mean the forecast temperature is 12°F / 6°C or more from average

How to Use
* Personalise the list of cities to include whichever places you are interested in - use Edit or Add
* Peruse the weather daily - watch the red and blue bars to see where the weather is unusually cold or warm for the time of year
* Check local time and day for each city
* See forecasts for days ahead
* Use the climate feature to find typical weather conditions for any given day of the year, including average temperatures, likelihood of rain on that day, and if it does rain, how much rain is typical

* Although most governments provide frequent and comprehensive information, some are less reliable. To remedy this, in those cases where official forecast data may be temporarily lacking, climate averages are displayed in their place.

* Appearance enhancements
* Bug fix for possible crash when adding a city

This app is, to us, like a piece of weather jewellery. It is a work in progress and we hope you really enjoy it!

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." Socrates

Sheyla Filmeridis
Developer Assistant to G.P. Dawson, Master Developer
Ajnaware, Ltd.

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