Russian blue Petting Cat 3D

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リリース日2009-06-19 16:00:00
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互換性iOS 3.1.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Here you are!
Long -awaited cat's meows are now available!
Cat’s meows have been most requested.
Cats mew cutely. Beyond that, you cannot take off your eyes from their really endearing moves and gestures.
Meet many cats and enjoy interaction with them!!
And you will soothe your heart.
お待たせしました! “猫の鳴き声”がついに完成しました!それはリクエストNo.1でした!

This is a virtual pet application that allows you to play with a realistic cat, rendered beautifully in 3D computer graphics.
This is not a game.

【ご注目願います!】 これはゲームではありません。3Dリアル猫と触れあい、優しい気持ちになるアプリです。


The elegant Russian blue fairy
Russian Blue cat
Country of origin: Russia
This breed was originally a type that was carefully raised by Russian nobility.
Their coats have a very attractive quality similar to a silk scarf.
These are timid cats and are quite sensitive. They are also very intelligent.
These cats like to be near their masters and the affection they show comes in many forms.

“Love!Love!Love! CAT!!”
This “petting cat” brings you tenderness and a fortune.Moreover, it encourages and healing in any times.

“Basic Mode”(基本モード)
1.As the image of the cat rotates slowly, it plays by itself. This is the basic mode.
2.By stroking or touching the playing cat with your finger on the screen, you can interact with it in a number of different modes.

3.If you gently stroke the cat on its back or chest, it will express its pleasure to you.

“Petting Mode”(ナデナデモード)
If you make a small movement on the screen with your finger away from the cat, you can bring the cat’s attention to that place.
Then the cat will chase and play with you.
This is the most therapeutic mode.

“Jump Mode”(ジャンプモード)
You can make the cat jump. Slide your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen.
The height of the jump will change with how quickly you move your finger.

”Running Mode”(走らせモード)
You can also make the cat run.
Slide your finger across the screen horizontally in either direction. The cat will run around after your finger energetically.

“Selfish Mode”(ワガママモード) If you touch the screen strongly in two or more empty places at the same time, a bowl will appear.
Rub the bowl to bring the cat’s attention to it.
If you continue to rub the bowl, the cat will begin to approach it. ・・・・・It will now enter “Sleep Mode”.・・・・・

“Sleep Mode”(お昼寝モード)
If you keep it up, the cat will eventually go to sleep inside the bowl. To keep the cat sleeping quietly, pet the cat gently after it falls asleep. It will sleep as long as you do this.
If you pet it too roughly, though, it will run away. This is the cat’s “selfish mode”.
It will not return to Basic Mode until it gets bored.

“Rolling Mode”(ころがり、ゴロコロモード)
1.If you don’t hold the iPhone stably, the cat will roll around.
Once it starts, you can roll the cat around in all directions. (This mode has the most dynamic movement. Children will enjoy it!)
2.Even while it is rolling around, if you make small movements on the screen, the cat will play with them.
By returning from other modes to “Basic mode”, you can start “Special mode”.

“Special points!”(スペシャルな特長!いたずら心モード) “It moves and interacts with you so realistically, it’s like you have a real cat in the palm of your hand.”

This version is not supported iPhone 5 or later.
It is developing a version up version currently.

Added startup behavior.
Some programs have extended.
present another cat.
you can switch at any time.

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更新日時:2024年2月24日 14時45分




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