The Florist on iPhone, flowers and more

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リリース日2009-06-19 16:00:00
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互換性iOS 2.2.1以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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The Florist on iPhone offers you a complete new experience of working with flowers.

*** Application iPhone:quality/price 5 out of 5 ***

*** The iPhonefootprint: iFlorist gets you expressing your emotions with flowers on the iPhone ***

***The iPhone Application List: “Clear recommendation”***

***Cool iPhone App: “You will love and enjoy it's beauty, ease of use and flexibility”***

***appVersity: “iFlorist is a well done app that lets you be a little creative”***

***AppStruck: iFlorist has much to offer, and has proven to be quite efficient, easily operated, and enjoyable***

Relax while using the broad functionality to not just arrange flower bouquets but also to create your individual flower images.

Surprise your friends and colleagues with a personal i-Card on their special day.

Never miss an anniversary or birthday. The iPhone Florist will help you to keep track on all upcoming dates within the next 30 days.


iFlorist offers a broad list of functionality to work and relax while creating your individual flower images.

Fun: Easy flower and object handling (moving, zooming, rotating, mirroring)

Choice: Broad variety of natural flowers, greens, bouquets, vases, backgrounds and fonts

Sounds: Still in some music or sounds while creating the flower images

Bouquets: Select one of the ready to send bouquets if you are in a hurry.

Photos: Import your own Photos from your iPhone photo album and use them as background or as portrait

Gallery: Build up your own gallery and re-use existing flower images for new events

Events: Imports all events from your iPhone address book

Notification: Get notified about all upcoming event within the next 30 days
iCard: Comment and send flower images as iCards

We hope you like it. Relax and enjoy.

1. We integrated 10 beautiful ready-to- use flower images for birthdays and other events.
2. You can now easily flip through all existing flower images of the gallery to select which one to edit or to send.
3. We included a feature which allows you to cut the stem from the flower to give you another option to create your individual flower images.
4. New, nice and fresh backgrounds have been added
5. New app icon to better demonstrate the capabilities of the app.
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