Period Tracker Plus

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開発者Flatcracker Software
リリース日2009-06-14 08:27:04
星4.19318 (88人)
星4.19318 (88人)
互換性iOS 12.4以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
百万人を超えるPeriod Plus ユーザーに参加しよう。"十代の少女を忙しくする7つの驚愕アプリ…" -

Period Plus は最後の生理がどれくらい続いたか、次の生理がいつ始まるかなどを知りたいあなたにピッタリです。ボーナスとしてPOPSUGAR統合の素晴らしい"Cotton Plop" ゲーム付きです。

Period Plus は以下の全てを追跡します:
•アルコール摂取量 • 生理発生日 • 乳房の圧痛 • オーラルセックス • 月経日 • 生理痛の強度 • 運動 • 親密• 偏頭痛• 産婦人科の検診 • 月経期間と度合い • 妊娠テスト結果 • 睡眠パターン • スポット • オーガズム • ストレス源 • 多い日用パッドとタンポンの使用量 • 排卵日を特定するための起床時の体温 • イースト菌感染症 • ビタミン摂取 • 体重の変化 • 追加のカスタマイズ可能な5項目 • 月経カップの交換 • 便秘 • 腰痛



What’s new in version 10.94
1. 111 new affirmations.
2. Fixed a mislabeled button when performing an export of your data from the chart view.

====Past Versions====
Version 10.94
1. 177 new affirmations.
2. Added some missing accessibility labeling.
3. Fixed a bug on the home screen where sometimes after adjusting your period information, it would not update.

Verison 10.93
1. 70 new affirmations.
2. Bug fix when viewing various items from the Articles tab. The view window is now positioned correctly.

Version 10.92
1. Future predicted periods are now a light blue color to make it less confusing.

Version 10.91
1. Added missing tap animations for certain areas on the Home screen and when editing a journal entry.

Version 10.90
1. Bug fix for the banner position on the Home screen for certain devices.

Version 10.89
1. You can now show or hide items that you track in the app from the journal editor. From the "Home" tab, select "Log your symptoms", scroll to the bottom and select "Show / Hide Items".
2. Changed the look of the period graphic and widget to be a smiling blood drop. :-)
3. Fixed a crash for devices running on iOS 12.

Version 10.88
1. Fixed a bug for non premium users where a Backache entry would be added when creating a new journal entry.

Version 10.87
1. 56 new affirmations.
2. Fixed a bug with the Data view. There was incorrect values showing for various items.

Version 10.86
1. You can now track back pain.

Version 10.85
1. You can now track if you are constipated.
2. 35 new affirmations.

Version 10.84
1. The "View or edit periods" card on the home screen now display the average cycle length.

Version 10.83
1. 30 new affirmations.
2. When using the calendar and tapping a date button from a previous or next month, it will now take you to the correct date.

Version 10.82
1. A new redesign of the "Periods" view. You can now easily add, edit and delete your periods. This includes flow level, cramp intensity and period color.
2. Added a "Periods" button at the top of the calendar to allow access the new periods view.
3. From the "Home" tab, the "View or edit periods" card has been updated with a new icon and new information showing the number of saved period entries.

Version 10.81
1. Bug fix for the home view. If you added or deleted a period, the information was not updated. Now fixed.

Version 10.80
1. Moved the Backup / Restore feature to the "Data" tab.
2. 47 new affirmations.

Version 10.79
1. Bug fix for the background for the new Cycle day number view for older versions of iOS.
2. Home screen loading speed increase.
3. You can now track menstrual cup usage.
4. Updated the view that is contained in the "Data" tab.
5. Updated "View or edit periods" item on home view. Now shows average, shortest and longest period lengths with dates.

Version 10.78
1. New area on the home screen called "Alcohol Consumption". It displays the number of drinks for "This month", "Last month" and "This year".
2. You can now tap on the "Cycle day number" area on the home screen and see more details about your cycle.

Version 10.77
1. 58 new affirmations.
2. New area on the home screen called "Period Products". It displays the number of maxi pads and tampons used from your previous period.
3. Updated top navigation for the calendar.

Version 10.76
1. Bug fix for a random crash during launch from the new redesigned home view.

Version 10.75
1. A new redesigned home view!
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