Period Plus Fertility Tracker

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100.4MB (ダウンロードにWIFIが必要)
開発者Flatcracker Software
リリース日2009-06-14 08:27:04
星4.10606 (66人)
星4.10606 (66人)
互換性iOS 10.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
百万人を超えるPeriod Plus Fertility Trackerユーザーに参加しよう。"十代の少女を忙しくする7つの驚愕アプリ…" -

Period Plus Fertility Trackerは最後の生理がどれくらい続いたか、次の生理がいつ始まるかなどを知りたいあなたにピッタリです。ボーナスとしてPOPSUGAR統合の素晴らしい"Cotton Plop" ゲーム付きです。

Period Plus Fertility Tracker は以下の全てを追跡します:
•アルコール摂取量 • 生理発生日 • 乳房の圧痛 • 月経日 • 生理痛の強度 • 運動 • 親密• 偏頭痛• 産婦人科の検診 • 月経期間と度合い • 妊娠テスト結果 • 睡眠パターン • スポット • オーガズム • ストレス源 • 多い日用パッドとタンポンの使用量 • 排卵日を特定するための起床時の体温 • ビタミン摂取 • 体重の変化 • 追加のカスタマイズ可能な5項目



What’s new in version 10.54
1. You can now track Maxi Pad and Tampon usage.

====Past Versions====
Version 10.53
1. Some older devices where crashing on launch. Now Fixed. Sorry about that.

Version 10.52
1. You can now track alcohol consumption.
2. 92 new affirmations.

Version 10.51
1. A bug fix for the chart view to align the weight values with the chart data.
2. 68 new affirmations.
3. A bug fix for editing a past journal entry. Sometimes the weight value would be wrong.

Version 10.50
1. The chart view now utilizes the whole screen along with an updated look and feel.
2. Bug Fixes.

Version 10.49
1. Bug fix for the fifth custom item always showing 0 from the "Data" tab.

Version 10.48
1. You can now track the color of your period.
2. When viewing your period history in the Periods view, it will display the period color if tracked this.
3. New rounded look for the bar charts in the Periods view.
4. 46 new affirmations.

Version 10.47
1. All sliders now display the value as a label on the right side.
2. You now see the display value instead of a number when viewing the Period Flow report from the Data tab.

Version 10.46
1. A few bug fixes.

Version 10.45
1. Enhanced affirmation sharing for Instagram.
2. A Bug fix when editing your profile image while using iOS 12.

Version 10.44
1. For editing notes, the "Clear" button will now ask, before it erases the notes field.

Version 10.43
1. Improved sharing for affirmations, articles and tell a friend.
2. When viewing your data by type, there is now a "Export" button in the upper right hand corner to send this data as an email.
3. When viewing your data as "Intercourse" or "Cervical Mucus Quality" it will now display the value you selected.

Version 10.42
1. 116 new affirmations.

Version 10.41
1. Fixed a crash in the "All Entries" screen, when using the search feature and then tapping on the "search" button on the keyboard.
2. Adjusted the left and right margins for articles.

Version 10.40
1. 49 new affirmations.

Version 10.39
1. 44 new affirmations.

Version 10.38
1. You can now share affirmations to Instagram as a picture.

Version 10.37
1. You can now share affirmations as an Instagram story with a bonus bunny sticker.
2. You can now share affirmations as a Facebook story with a bonus bunny sticker.

Version 10.36
1. You can now share affirmations directly to Snapchat along with a bonus bunny sticker.

Version 10.35
1. You can now tap on the "No Data - Cycle Day #" table row underneath the calendar and it will create a journal entry.

Version 10.34
1. Full support for iOS 13. This includes dark mode!
2. Bug fix for Apple Health synchronization.
3. 295 new affirmations.

Version 10.33
1. Crash fix for users using iOS 13 beta.

Version 10.32
1. New flow for setup wizard for first time users.

Version 10.31
1. New setup wizard animation for first time users.

Version 10.30
1. Support for Accessibility.

Version 10.29
1. Bug fixes.

Version 10.28
1. Updated the contacts feature. You can now contact us via Instagram and Snapchat. Tap on "More" tab and then "Contact" in the settings area.
2. 37 new affirmations.

Version 10.27
1. 156 new affirmations.
2. Bug fix for the calendar navigation bar for 4" devices using the Russian language.

Version 10.26
1. Tapping on an article push notification now navigates you to the "Articles" tab when the app is launched.

Version 10.25
1. Bug fix for "Restore Purchases" functionality.

Version 10.24
1. The profile picture now displays on your calendar
2. You now have the option to display your profile picture as your Snapchat Bitmoji Avatar. Just login into Snapchat in the profile settings.

Version 10.23
1. Subscription support.

Version 10.22
1. 33 new affirmations.
2. Your profile image now displays on the Articles and More tab.

Version 10.21
1. Bug fixes.

Version 10.20
1. 95 new affirmations.
2. New notification setting. Allows you to turn on/off new article notifications.
3. Bug fixes.
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更新日時:2020年5月28日 13時20分




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