IRelax Forest

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開発者Dean Avanti
リリース日2009-06-10 13:05:13
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互換性iOS 2.2以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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IRelax Forest is an audio sound generation system, that creates the natural sounds of the forest to create peaceful ambiance, and aid relaxation and stress relief.
Featuring the ambient sounds of the following.

Woodland Campfire / Grove Brook / Forest Evening / Woodland Downpour / Forest By Night/ Woodland Stream / Indian Rainforest / Woodland Afternoon / Rainforest/ Forest Stream

Improving your environment can be a perfect way to take control of relieving anxiety depression, and so reducing the symptoms of stress.

IRelax Forest, a sound wave of perfect relaxing hypnotherapy sound ambiance, soothing your anxiety away, reducing mental fatigue, giving you the relax time you deserve.

With today's hectic world and demands, most people either neglect, or have forgotten just how to release themselves from these stresses and relax, its time to re learn to relax away from the stresses of 21st century living and today's workplace stress, by going back into natures womb, with your own guided meditation via the medative ambiance soundscape, finding inner peace with the tranquility inducing effects of relax audio, bringing the sounds of natures natural environment, into your environment.

Using relaxation techniques can improve your health and feeling of well being, one of the simplest and easiest ways is to turn your own environment into your own spiritual retreat, creating the environment habitat you desire.

The forest song is the natural ambiance of natures own natural forest music and it makes the perfect relaxation therapy, generating the sound of your very own wildlife habitat in your own private domain.
Bringing you the nature life into your very own space to create peaceful mindfulness.

IRelax features not only beautiful forest soundscapes, but also the program is accompanied by beautiful wildlife pictures and
stunning forest arts, enjoy the visual delight of woodland pictures of natures own beauty, with inspiring nature backgrounds, as you listen to the call of the woodlands, as the animals of the forest and woodland make their chorus. Hear the sound of the wind skirt amongst the forests and woodlands, as the elements stir and paint her picture against mother natures own playground. With IRelax Forest you can easily bring the calls and sounds of the forest and woodland to life, right within your own self made haven.

Coping with exhaustion and managing life's stresses can be difficult, but let us make your life easier and better by giving you IRelax Forest, because your me time is important, so take your space back, and become one with nature.

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