touchScore Baseball Scorecard

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開発者Allegra Systems
リリース日2009-05-29 16:31:10
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互換性iOS 7.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Preloaded with Major League team names and rosters that can be refreshed at the tap of a button. This is a full featured baseball scorecard for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. touchScore takes full advantage of the iPad interface while keeping the iPhone experience streamlined and easy to use.

We love user feedback and strive to incorporate good suggestions into the product.

With touchScore you can:
* Easily score a game by tapping on bases and fielding positions to track play by play action.
* Track the status of the game.
* View the boxscore and manage / edit the scoreboard.
* Import your own rosters or download major league rosters.
* Manage Lineups quickly and intuitively, including allowing 10 fielders.
* View Play by Play information.
* Export Play by Play data.
* View and edit individual player statistics.
* Export team or player statistics.
* Correct any scoring mistakes.
* in app help guides you through the features of touchScore.

Track everything from pitch count to who was hit by a pitch to that inning ending double play.

The baseball scorecard will collect all the statistics for a game by simply tapping on the field to log the scorecard actions. You can score the game when at the ballpark. Don't buy a scorecard, just bring along your iPad or iPhone.

Please keep the comments coming and let us know if you're using an iPad, iPhone or an iPod Touch and the iOS version. We want your feedback to make this the best app possible.

If you're at home watching your favorite team, why not score along with the announcers? You can even use it to score your kid's league game or track your office's softball team! touchScore baseball scorecard will collect all the game stats automatically while you score.

The Linup screen allows you to add players, make substitutions or view and edit the player's stats. tap the export button to email the stats.

touchScore comes preloaded with all 30 Major League team rosters. You can update the rosters at anytime with the tap of a button. Or, you can import your own roster.

The boxscore screen shows you game to date player and score summary. Came late to the ballpark? Tap the edit button and change key game information such as the current inning, outs, at bat and score.

The Play By Play screen lists each play entered. You can easily export to ITunes or email the exported information.

Not sure how to do something? Just check out the help screen.

Redesigned for iOS7.
Redesigned for iPhone 5.
Bug Fixes.
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更新日時:2021年9月27日 09時38分




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