TravelTracker Pro - Live Flight Status, Push Alerts + TripIt Sync

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互換性iOS 7.1以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Rated BEST app by AMEX***
Organize your ENTIRE TRAVEL ITINERARY with the most comprehensive travel app available! This powerful "travel assistant" app includes push notifications, calendar mirroring, TripIt integration, expense tracking, currency exchange rates, weather conditions and more useful features. Get real-time Worldwide flight status At-a-Glance!

Chosen one of the "6 Essential Apps" for business travelers by Computerworld:

View an Apple produced podcast featuring TravelTracker Pro. (podcast by Ken Grady)


TravelTracker Pro is your ALL-INCLUSIVE personal travel assistant. It stores all vital information for a trip and displays it in a convenient itinerary screen. TravelTracker includes live flight status by FlightStats, which automatically updates each flight's current status. TravelTracker also includes live flight map tracking for those flights in the US. This is a MUST HAVE organizer for both business and personal use.

TravelTracker Pro is also integrated with the popular online service TripIt. With one tap, you can download all of your TripIt information into TravelTracker. With TravelTracker Pro, any changes you make on your iPhone or iPod Touch can also be uploaded to Each of your trips can contain flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, transports (limos), meetings, activities, notes, articles and restaurant reservations which are are easily accessible and smartly organized in easy to use screens. This information will then be available to you with or without an internet connection.


TravelTracker Pro's powerful features include:

* Intuitive and beautifully designed interface
* Automatic updating flight status (completely customizable) powered by FlightStats
* Push Notifications of flight alerts (includes schedule changes, gate changes, prior to departure alerts, departure and arrival alerts)
* Calendar mirroring of all your entries into the built-in Calendar (will mirror your entries in your built-in Calendar, flights, hotel stays, car rentals, activities, etc.)
* Download & integration of your TripIt data.
* Zoomable maps track flights as they travel across the US.
* Flights entered into TravelTracker only require an airline, flight number and a day of travel. TravelTracker will fill in the rest including meals being served and link to the plane’s seating chart.
* Upload any changes made on your iPhone to TripIt.
* Stores frequently flown flights.
* Customizable packing lists, which can be emailed
* Records all details of your travel expenses
* Take photo snapshots of your receipts and automatically attach them to your trip
* Download current weather conditions and forecasts for airports you specify and those that are in your coming day's travels
* Download currency exchange rates and know your exact trip expenses in the currency you choose
* Easily convert amounts from one currency to another (stores a frequently used list of currencies)
* Recordkeeping of all of your frequent traveler award programs
* Worldwide airport database with links to airport websites
* Airplane database with link to seating charts powered by SeatGuru
* Email your itinerary (HTML, plain text or comma delimited).
* Email your expenses (plain text or comma delimited)
* Set a default currency for trips
* Photo Albums - log your trip with integrated photo albums which can be exported
* Map search option- (includes TripIt support) enter an address and display a map for it
* Directions option (includes TripIt support) - get step by step directions


Also by Silverware: MileTracker, Flight Update, Flight Update Pro, Speed Names and BizXpense.


Questions/comments: For a fast reply, email us at

Follow us on Twitter at SilverwareSoft

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