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リリース日2009-05-27 20:34:35
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星3 (25人)
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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Ever wonder how the Pro’s do those sick skateboard tricks? Now you can master those tricks - anything from: ollies, rails, stairs, curbs, flips, ledges and bowls to air - jump to Facebook and let your friends know that you’ve nailed a trick, find the closest skate park, buy a skateboard and accessories, or hop to Strange Notes to check what’s happening in the skateboarding world with GoLearn Skateboarding Explained, brought to you by Whagaa Software, Dan MacFarlane (creator of the #1 instructional skateboarding DVD in the world, Skateboarding Explained*), Santa Cruz Skate Shop, Strange Notes and NHS Fun Factory (Independent Trucks, Creature, Santa Cruz, Krux, Ricta, Mob Grip, and Flip).

Pro Dan MacFarlane and the Santa Cruz Skateshop Experts show you how to nail the tricks with step-by-step video instruction and tips. You’ll also learn how to repair your skateboard (trucks, bearings, grip tape and more) and the proper safety gear.

Strange Notes gives you access to free videos from skateboarding’s top pros twice weekly, the latest Skateboarding news, events, contests, RSS feeds, and lets you enter monthly contests on StrangeNotes.com so you can win skateboard decks, trucks, clothing, gear, wheels and more.

You can purchase decks, bearings, grip tape, shoes, clothing or whatever you need in the world of skateboarding in the NHS Fun Factory Store directly from the App.

GoLearn Skateboarding Explained Features:
- All new user interface.
- App comes with 5 videos, including skateboarding safety videos and tips.
- 100 additional tips and tricks videos, including essential tips and tricks from Dan MacFarlane’s
Skateboarding Explained DVDs, are available for download at 99 cents each.
- Facebook integration.
- Access to Strange Notes with the ability to enter and win free gear.
- Access to NHS Fun Factory to purchase Skateboard gear and accessories.
- Detailed bios about the Pros who provide instruction.

*Skateboarding Explained received 5 out of 5 stars, and was rated #1 on the “Best Top 10 Instructional Skateboard Videos” list by Skateboard.About.com. It was also selected for their “Top 10 Skateboarder Gift Ideas” list for four years in a row. “This is the pinnacle of what a how-to video should be” said Nate Sherwood, Transworld Skateboarding Magazine. “DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED” by Concrete Wave Magazine.

In-App Purchases, tagged FREE content.
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