Inflict Training PRO

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星4 (5人)
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You’ve seen us on – now own the app that will turn your device into the ultimate workout experience!

$0.99!! -- ON SALE NOW ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME -- $0.99!!

**This app is large because of the full HD graphics. For the best experience, download this app to your desktop then sync to your device.**

MEN AND WOMEN who use Inflict Training PRO!

-Add lean Muscle.
-Loose the weight and FINALLY get in SHAPE!
-Increase Cardiovascular Health.
-Blast fat and calories while building Ripped Abs!
-Gain and maintain Mobility and Flexibility.
-Help stop and prevent low back and joint pain while training with resistance!
-Get real, balanced workouts that involve your entire body.
-Get Full Body Strong!

NOTE: This is a difficult program. If you don't have gym experience or are coming back to the gym after some time away we highly suggest you download "GetFitMap PRO" first to gain a base level of fitness before starting this program.


Inflict Training PRO is a challenging 15-week, progressive circuit-training workout Program that’s split across 5 levels.

3 – Base Workouts
3 – Beginner Workouts
3 – Intermediate Workouts
3 – Advanced Workouts
3 – Elite Workouts

FEATURES of each Inflict Training PRO workout include:

•A Warm Up Map to prep and activate your body.
•A Workout Map of exercises complete with reps and grouped into 3 easy to follow rounds.
•Close Ups of each exercise with Audio and Graphic tips.
•Cardio Intervals you’ll complete during each workout.
•Stretching and Tissue Work Maps with the latest Body Maintenance techniques to keep your body feeling good during the program.


Each Inflict Training PRO workout is followed in the same way:

-Start with the Warm Up Map and do each prep movement / exercise once.
-Move forward to the Workout Map and do each round (row) of exercises twice.
-Perform the round-specific cardio intervals between rounds.
-Finish your workout with the Stretch Map.


Inflict Training PRO was co-authored by Peter Park, 30-time Iron Man athlete and respected Elite Trainer.

Each Level has three weeks of workouts to be completed before progressing to the next Level. Exercises were hand selected and carefully ordered so that each round builds on each other, and each workout builds on the last to progress you to the next level. So by the time you’re in the Elite Level you’re ready for the highest degree of difficulty in the program.

WHY Inflict Training PRO?

1. Learning is Visual.

Performing exercises properly is paramount to the success of any fitness program, and that process is visual. That's why every Inflict Training exercise is delivered in sharp, crisp HD video and graphics – NO PICTURE STILLS, EVER! – and demonstrated using flawless technique by highly accredited trainers, fitness experts, college and pro athletes.

We apply our proprietary FitMap Technology® and use audio and graphical tips you can actually understand. The mixture of pure movement with unparalleled video presentation allows us to capture and describe every mechanical nuance so you can learn exercises the right way.

2. Our FitMaps®.

We organize your workouts into visually motivating, graphical presentations called “FitMaps.” We eliminate the guesswork by splitting each FitMap into efficient, easy to follow rounds complete with reps. This allows you to move seamlessly through your workouts with little rest, budgeting your intensity the whole time while maximizing your results. You'll finish each workout strong and confident!

3. The Programming.

Eye-catching graphics are great, but without real training principles and programming the workouts are not going to take you to a true level of fitness. We’re real trainers and fitness experts with more than 45 combined years of hands on, in-the-trenches experience. We respect the craft of training WITH PURPOSE and not just "working out."

• This is a brand new app!!
• Optimized for iPhone 4 and 5.
• Upgraded to our new signature interface design with retina display.
• Fixed Crashing Issues!! (Mainly caused by the Workout Tracker, so we had to remove it. Sorry guys.)
• Added the ability to launch Close Up Exercises right from the Workout Map.
• Added 9 more workouts, from 6 to 15!
• Added new Activation, Stretching and Tissue Work Maps with launch-able Close Ups.
• Added over 60 new exercises!
• Added a Video Tutorial.
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