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The TAO Oracle, by artist Ma Deva Padma (creator of the Osho Zen Tarot) is a revolutionary, prophetic and brilliantly illustrated approach to the timeless wisdom of I Ching. Now, this critically acclaimed version of I Ching is available for use on the iPhone! It launches the oldest system of divination, into the 21st century and beyond. The Tao Oracle is designed to promote self-awareness and enables the user, when dealing with life's challenges, to make intelligent choices. The TAO Oracle's Pearl of Wisdom spread works in support of daily meditation and self renewal. In addition, the Tao Oracle cultivates awareness of Tao, the guiding force that effects all of life, reminding us that the laws of the natural world, apply to human beings as well.

Consult the Tao Oracle whenever insight and clarity are needed.

◆ The Tao Oracle is especially helpful regarding personal issues. It can reveal the hidden dynamics affecting a relationship.

◆ When you need to make a decision the Tao Oracle can shed light on how to proceed and indicate the likely outcome of your choice.

◆ The Tao Oracle promotes clarity, insight into the bigger picture and right timing in all areas of life.

◆ The Tao Oracle helps us to work with change, not against it.

◆ Sincere enquiry activates the Tao Oracle. Its response may be a confirmation, a revelation, or an insight that can show the way forward.

◆ 64 exquisite original paintings, uniquely illustrate each of the Tao Oracle's messages.

What is your issue? Take a moment to focus upon it. Select one of the 4 spreads that feels appropriate.

A choice of 3 musical selections are available as a backdrop for each reading.

This version of the TAO Oracle does not include "changing lines."


A stunning artistic rendering of the ancient I-Ching
By Barbara A. Bolek (Hamtramck, MI USA)

"Deal with the here and now effectively with this in-depth divination tool. The ancient Chinese method of acquiring wisdom, the I-Ching, comes alive through the awesome art work of the Tao Oracle by Ma Deva Padma. This deck makes the I-Ching entirely accessible to beginners, and the cards' depth and beauty is sure to captivate even advanced practitioners of divination. From my dabblings with divinatory devices, I believe I can go out on a limb and say that this is the best new divination tool of the year 2002. Padma is also known for the beautiful Osho Zen Tarot, a Tarot deck designed for those concerned with living fully in the present moment. Besides artwork you can just melt right into, there are a lot of other things going for the Tao Oracle... What I especially like is the Tao Oracle's emphasis on the present moment...not some far-flung future predictions. It focuses readers' attention on the thought patterns, habits or actions they are dealing with presently. The future will come about based on what one is doing today -- that's where attention really needs to be focused. All in all, the Tao Oracle is a feast for the eyes as well as for the spirit. Though fine for the bright beginner, advanced practitioners of divination will more immediately appreciate the depth of this tool for self-awareness. It's an incredibly beautiful, well-designed divination tool at a very reasonable price."

volume control now controls all sounds and is remembered as a preference.

fixed a few typo's in the BIO page.
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