Clean My Screen - Ultimate Screen Cleaner

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リリース日2009-05-15 14:05:21
星3 (12人)
星3 (12人)
互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Clean your screen — one lick at the time! Select a photo and watch with delight how the image is licked spiffy clean. And then do it again.
The cleaners in Clean My Screen do more than just plain licking: they actually *clean your photos*!

Who needs the love? Your best pal? A family member? Your boss? Your own pet? Just have them *all* licked clean.

Guaranteed to make you smile!

The only iPad and iPhone 4 compatible screen cleaning app in the App Store!


Reviews from our users:

★★★★★   I don't usually go for silly apps, but this one is irresistible- and it magically cleans your screen from the inside out! And it's fair to cats and dogs alike.

★★★★★    I like that it's not just cats and dogs, there are even manta rays! it's tough to pick a favorite :)

★★★★★    Love it! A great little app to cheer you up when you feel blue. Adorable lickers and the photo-lick effect is very original. A++

★★★★★    3 year old daughter loves it! She laughs every time she see her face getting licked by the dogs and cats.


Cool things you can do with this app:

    ★ Select one of the 11 cute cleaners, six dogs, two cats, a goat or a pair of rays and have them clean your screen spiffy clean.
    ★ Import photos from your Photo Library or take pictures with the camera (if available) and have them licked clean.
    ★ Import photos from the included photo library containing 30 beautiful pictures
    ★ Reveal Mode: every lick reveals more of your photo.
    ★ Stealth Mode: hide the interface and surprise your friends.
    ★ Clean-O-Gram: send a photo to friends, and have it revealed to them by a cleaner in Clean My Screen.
    ★ Share your favorite cleaner via email, Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

More cleaners will be added in future updates.

To learn more, contact us or watch some cool videos of the application in action, click the "Peghole Web Site" link below or visit


Disclaimer: The cleaning is 100% digital and no harm is done to any parts of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The animals all had great fun while being filmed for this application.

★ Added support for iPhone 5, Retina iPad and iPad mini ★ Hide interface with button or shake gesture ★ Improved sharing on Twitter and Facebook ★ Lots of improvements and bug fixes

Please rate or update your rating of the app so we can continue making free updates with more animals. Thanks!
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