iDrum Beatboxing Edition

価格 200円
開発者iZotope, Inc.
リリース日2009-07-01 16:28:49
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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iDrum is the addictive app that lets you create your own beats, even if you have no musical experience! iDrum Beatboxing Edition includes a huge selection of drum, percussion and effects samples made only with the human voice. Start with a selection of amazing kits and patterns, then customize them to make them your own. Want to add your own sounds to a beat? Use the iPhone's built-in microphone or an accessory mic to record your voice or other samples, then mix them into the rhythm!* You can even add effects to the sounds you record. Beatboxing Edition takes the creative possibilities of iDrum to a whole new level!

Whether you’re new to making music or a beatmaking expert, iDrum is for you. Build beats layer by layer by tapping the touch screen, or create music with simple shapes and color combinations that help you visualize the rhythm.

• The fun and simple way to make music on your iPhone or iPod touch!
• Includes hundreds of beatboxing and vocal percussion samples, and 20 pre-made kits
• Record your voice and other sounds and make them a part of your beat!*
• Add awesome effects like "Robot," "Reverse," "Cave," "Metallic" and "Clones" to your voice and any sound you record
• Tap the touch screen to play and record your own musical patterns
• Bring sounds in and out of the mix to make songs on the fly
• Customize patterns to create your own unique beats
• Take control of the rhythm of every drum sound and sample
• Transfer custom kits and samples to and from your computer (requires iDrum for Mac/PC available from or an Apple Retail Store)

* Recording feature works with the built-in microphone on the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPad. To use the recording feature with an original iPhone or 2nd generation iPod touch, you must have an external accessory microphone.

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** Provides compatibility with updated Twitter authorization system.
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