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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2023-03-30 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
This mobile Wiki server is a full featured professional grade Wiki, no compromises, It allows you to store, edit, and display content that you, or others can change, either on the device, or from other browsers in a Wi-Fi network. Content can be as simple as words, or more complex such as formatted text, lists, tables, images, JavaScript, up to including audio/video, & PDFs. Optional usage of HTML and style sheets allows you to create very complex pages, and we provide a Twitter Client, blogging, JavaScript controlled slide show viewer, tag clouds, RSS feeds, and other numerous features.

In 1.5 we allow you access to the Camera, the Roll, or the Photo library, plus the ability to embed Location and Heading information plus shortcut links to access GoogleMaps & YouTube.

Is it a Wiki? No it's a content management system, a CMS, a lot more than a Wiki. We also provide the ability to export the contents of the Wiki from the device and then to import to a desktop machine running WikiServer Desktop, or to another iPod touch or iPhone running WikiServer.

With OS 3.0 things are even better, now you can type a URL into our URL field, flip to that web site, copy text, back arrow to your Wiki page, edit and paste. Or of course copy/paste information from other Apps on the iPhone.

We are a fully functional web server or http server, so we can do much more than wiki page markups, many large complex web sites use the same technology (Seaside) that is embedded in our application. Yet if you just need to pour notes or files into your iPhone from a desktop machine, we do that too.

Say for example if you wanted a personal blog, a very personal blog, you can host that on your iPhone and share with your class mates, or friends in the coffee bar or class room.

Need a low cost light weight web server? An iPod touch running WikiServer will do that.

Need to show 200 high resolution pictures? WikiServer has a slide show widget and will do that too.

Note taking? A Notebook, or Notepad? Sure a Wiki is made for note taking since you can build a category, or project tree to meet your needs, and not use some pre-built framework. Plus interconnect ideas using internal links, or of course link out to the internet.

What if I rename a wiki page, are my internal links broken? Wiki data is stored in a data model, we note the name change and fix any pointers, our Wiki data just isn't text.

What if I want to stick in the current date/time. Wiki meta data helps you there use: +value:date+ Much more complex values like +untouched>value:edited|display=date+ can be entered, where the previous example displays the date of the last edit operation, or untouched if the current page has never been edited.

And embed an image? Sure use +image+ or +image|width=300|height=200+ and add < div < style="clear: both" > ; / div > to avoid text wrapping.

Tables? Lists? Sure using | and # to build tables or lists, why have just plain text?

Change the layout? Yes you can alter the layout by changing the layout environment, even drastically alter the look/feel of an existing Wiki without affecting the data.

Support? Yes, tap the email diagnostics button, we respond within 24 hours.

This only brushes the basic knowledge of the internal power of WikiServer, for more information visit our web site.

Why is this application age (17+)?

We allow you to link out to external web sites, or type any web address into the URL field, or import a Wiki from another person. Therefore we must rate our application based on most intense type of media you could possibly get to in the Internet. However if Restrictions denies Safari usage, then you cannot link out to the Internet using our Application.

Macintosh, Windows, or Linux versions of our desktop system can be found via

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