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互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Moodtracker is a an useful app to keep a record of your mood trends. It can also be used as a journal/diary. There is no limit on the size or frequency of entries, which helps in keeping an accurate record of anything and everything happening in your life.

Mood Tracker has five screens. The main screen has a pie-chart like interface in the center of the screen. Each slice of the pie represents each mood level. It starts with 'Extreme Positive' mood, represented in green, to 'Extreme Negative' represented in red. And each slice has 2 buttons. Tap on the small info button to see a brief list of sub-moods. The sub-moods are just for reference purpose and are not selectable.

How to use this App:
Tap on a mood button to record your current mood level. It prompts you to confirm your selection. When you choose 'Yes' it shows an input box where you can optionally enter a reason for your current mood and hit save/close. If you don't want to enter a reason, just tap on the save/close button on the top of the input box to record your selection. Your selection is saved.

The bottom toolbar has 3 buttons. Tapping on the first picture button takes you to a screen where you can choose a background picture. Currently there are 24 pictures to choose. Choose the background that best suits your interest, when done tap on the 'back' button on the top bar to go to the main screen.

The second button is to send your suggestions, criticisms or any feedback you want to send to us. We really need your feedback, and we appreciate it.

To see the records of all your mood entries, tap on the third button that says 'My Moods' which will take you to the detail screen. This screen shows you your overall mood level for each day. Each row has a color-scale and a pointer to show you where you stand on the mood level. It also shows you what percentage your mood is on the positive side.

Tap on a row to see all the records for the selected date, which shows the time of entries with the first 200 characters of the comment you entered on each mood selection. Further, to see the full comment exceeding 200 characters, tap on any row you want.

On both the detail screens, the top bar has a 'tools' button on the right. Tap on it to open or close the toolbar on the bottom. The tool bar on these two detail screens has two buttons, to sort the rows by date or by mood level. The sort feature makes it easy to navigate the entries.

You can create an account on from your device on the settings screen. Tap on the 'Settings' icon on the bottom tab bar in the Main screen to view the settings screen.
Once you create the account you can upload your mood entries to your account. There you can view/print your mood entries.

To access your account online, please visit and on the right side enter the same username and password you created from the device.

To learn about other Apps from buzzlifeapps please visit Please send your feedback or any questions to

Thank you for choosing Mood Tracker from buzzlifeapps.

Two way feedback. You can send messages to the developer and receive reply directly on your device
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