VCard Sender - Send via Email/WiFi/BlueTooth

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開発者Bad Dog Apps
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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VCard Sender, share your Contacts Effortlessly with BlueTooth *** (iphone/ipod devices only, does not allow you to send vcards to cars) ***, email or WiFI!

Goto our website to see a movie of VCard Sender in action and all are other iphone applications.

VCard Sender allows you to setup and manage VCards from any entry in your Address book. You can customize each VCard and organize them into Favorites or create Groups of VCards, VCards are then saved for future reuse.

VCard Sender can send multiple VCards from your device either by emails using the build in BlueTooth or SMTP client that can send VCard attachments or if you are on the same local WiFi network with another iPhone or iPod Touch and they have VCard Sender also, you can create a connection between the devices and exchange VCards. You can quickly send your own Me VCard via WiFi or attach your me VCard to all your outgoing emails.

This allow you to quickly reuse and organize how you pass VCards to other people, for example you could send information all all the people in a club, business department or family. One email or connection can update another person with all the VCard information you want them to have instantly. If the VCArds where sent via WiFi you can review the received VCards using the Contact viewer/editor with out leaving the application.

VCard Sender allows complete customization of all the VCards your store as a Favorite or in a Group of VCards, You can go back and change the information that will be sent at anytime, you can turn on or off addresses, phone numbers, website's, dates, personal information, notes and the contact photo. You can quickly view exactly what the will be sent our and modify the contact right from your Address Book if you need to change or update any information before sending the VCard.

VCard Sender doubles as a Wide mode emailer and allows cc: and bcc: emails also. You can completely customize all the setting of the application like the Me VCard, SMTP & signature settings, email and connection options and all font sizes.

VCard Sender is easy to use yet powerful enough to handle all your VCard sending needs, VCard Sender takes sending VCards to a whole new level.

Note: BlueTooth connection requires iPhone or iPod Touch 2nd Generation.

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