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FastFinder helps you to quickly find what you need, with a minimal amount of typing or tapping. FastFinder allows you to keep your focus on your friends, family, tv, sports activity or whatever you are doing, while your iPad, iPhone or iPod executes the query for you and gives you the information you need.

Say you want to get some details on the movie "Pulp Fiction". Normally, you would open Safari, type in '', wait for it to load, enter 'pulp fiction' in the imdb search bar, hit the go button, select the movie from the results and wait until the page with the information finally shows.
With Fast Finder, you simply enter 'pulp fiction' and click on the imdb button. That's it. FastFinder will directly go to the right page in imdb.

Wait, there's more.

Say you then want to look for the Pulp Fiction DVD on Amazon or eBay. Simply click the next search engine button and you'll get the search results on Amazon or eBay.

FastFinder uses a combination of Google's search technology and site-specific search APIs. Each result is possible using the regular Safari browser on your iPhone or iPod as well, but FastFinder will get you to the desired result much more quickly, in less steps.
Where possible it will also use your local version of Google, which will improve your search results and should make them a little less US (.com) centric.

Enter the search query and click on the search engine you want to use. It's that easy.
Switch between search-engines with the up or down button at the top of the page.

* FastFinder has it's own browser-window, so you can move back and forth between the query screen and the results.
* Local search engines. FastFinder uses country-specific version of search engines, for better results.
* Landscape browsing, for better readability of the site
* Customizable. Show only your favorite search engines in the order you like.

SITES INCLUDED (and localized where possible):
Search: Google (general, lucky, images, faces, define), Yahoo, Bing

Shopping / Trade / Auctions: Amazon, eBay

Entertainment: IMDB (movies / tv), (music)

Social Networking: Facebook, Bebo, LinkedIn, MySpace

United States: ESPN, CNN

Canada: CBC News

United Kingdom: BBC news & sport


New Zealand: NZ Herald, TradeMe

Germany (Deutschland): Spiegel Online

France: Skyrock, Le Monde

The Netherlands (Nederland, Holland):, Marktplaats, Hyves

Italy (Italia): Badoo, la Repubblica, Virgilio

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