Trumpet Improv

価格 100円
開発者MiraBar Softaware
リリース日2009-04-08 11:25:11
星3 (5人)
星3 (5人)
互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Try to “catch the swing” by turning your Iphone into a trumpet !

“Trumpet Improv." is an amazing application, sensitive to your breath, your touch, and movements.

Now, you really have the opportunity to develop your creativity through a smart and friendly application.

Discover the “Chet Baker”, “Miles Davis” or “Louis Armstrong”, sleeping in you.
Had you ever wished to touch the stars and play like these legendary musicians ?
Now you will probably “cherish a hope”... Because the most difficult thing to be able to play a “brass instrument” is the way to blow and to produce a note.

With “Trumpet Improv.” don’t worry about the technical issues,
you just need to get the right feeling and :

- Blow in the microphone and follow the rythm,
- Produce the notes with your fingers,
- Tilt your Iphone up and down to change the pitch
- Scratch your fingers to create tremolo notes
- And then : express your talent !

This is an ideal way for beginners to get familiar with "Trumpet Improv", but initiated people will also be able to practice their favourite instrument
wherever they are (whereas it is usually not very convenient to bring a trumpet inside a Jacket !)

Are you jazz, funky or latino ? Are you able to improvise with a band ?
You will learn very quickly, thanks to the opportunity to Jam with a band and make incredible improvisation with them.

IPod touch users will also be able to use this application but will only use their fingers to play the notes.

"Trumpet Improv." offers realism and expressiveness by connecting your iphone to your home stereo. Try it ! You'll be surprised...


- At any time, by shaking your Iphone, a scale will appear in order to show how and where to place your fingers.
- Modulate or disable the breath function and play with fingers only (the only way to use for Ipod touch users).
- Change Pitch bend range

Learn to play at MIRABAR.NET :

To better understand how to play, have a look on our web site. A technical support will explain you how to play, and will answer to all your issues.
Also available : three improvisation sheet music for each band style.

Express yourself by playing crazy trumpet improvisations and post your video on YouTube, send us a mail, we will add the best on a dedicated page of our web site.

For the fans of woodwind, horn and chords instruments : saxophone, clarinet, trombone, harmonica, guitar, bass, drum, piano, ocarina, flute, synthesizer

Now you can use the normal fingerings for the trumpet--with the appropriate
open tones ( we have updated the fingering chart )

For Touch mode ( Microphone off ) to replicate the note created when all valves are uncovered
please press the green valve ( on the left side of the
display )

New addition :

Because we want to make our trumpet more intuitive for Trumpet player,
we add a "Switch mode" to give the possibilitie to switch the direction of the tilt ( down for high notes and down for low notes )
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更新日時:2022年1月25日 23時02分




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