CrewNerd for Rowing & Paddling

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開発者Performance Phones, LLC
リリース日2009-03-27 11:08:31
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互換性iOS 15.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
Unlock the full potential of your rowing, sculling, canoeing, kayaking, SUP, or dragon boating workouts with CrewNerd. Elevate your performance, track real-time metrics, and take your training to the next level.

Key Features:

• Precision Tracking - CrewNerd utilizes your phone's accelerometer and GPS to calculate stroke rate, distance per stroke, speed, pace, distance, bounce, stern check, and much more, ensuring you have all the vital data at your fingertips.

• Heart Rate Monitoring - Seamlessly connect to your Bluetooth heart rate monitor for comprehensive workout analysis.

• Custom Workouts - Choose from pre-programmed workouts or create your own tailored routines based on distance, time, or strokes. Start with precision, thanks to the optional countdown and auto-start features.

• Custom Courses - Plot your own routes and let CrewNerd automatically start and stop the timer as you cross start and finish lines. Waypoints keep you on track, and CrewNerd can even provide course corrections.

• Data Analysis - Review and analyze your workout data on your phone, or export it to popular platforms like Strava, Concept2 Logbook, Rowsandall, TrainingPeaks, and Sportlyzer. Multiple export formats available.

• Apple Watch - Use CrewNerd on your Apple Watch in stand-alone mode, or as a remote control (and heart rate monitor) for your iPhone. All recorded workout data is available to review or export on your iPhone.

• ActiveLook eyewear - Pair with your ActiveLook glasses to see your performance data right in your field of view. Choose your preferred layout and data fields.

• Live Tracking - Share your location and workout data in real-time with coaches and spectators via Perfect for races and coaching multiple boats simultaneously.

• Speech Output - Ideal for visually impaired athletes, CrewNerd provides audible feedback, customizable to your preferences, making it convenient for activities where you can't check your device.

• For Coaches - Keep your practices on target with custom workouts and instant stroke rate checks in coach mode.

Experience the Ultimate Water Workout Companion – Try CrewNerd Today!

Note: See our website for waterproof case recommendations to protect your phone on the water.

CrewNerd uses the standard Apple Terms of Use:

Minor bug fixes. See in-app release notes for details.
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