Travel Assistant Pro with TripIt

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リリース日2009-03-27 10:52:23
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Travel Assistant Pro builds on its extensive list of features by fully integrating support for TripIt Pro, TripIt’s itinerary monitoring and travel alerts service. Using TripIt in Travel Assistant Pro is as easy as emailing ( your travel itineraries and launching Travel Assistant Pro. The app will automatically download your itinerary, so it is with you everywhere you go.

Taking advantage of the devices' accelerometer, users can update itineraries in Travel Assistant Pro by simply shaking the device. This allows you to reload the full itinerary or individual events, so you can monitor and check the status of any upcoming flights or travel plans, giving you status changes, estimated departure and arrival times, gate assignments and baggage claim locations.

In addition, Travel Assistant Pro has a host of features enabled by iOS:
• Share itineraries with other people via in-app email.
• Add current location to Travel Log entries using location services and integrated map technology.
• Shake device to clear checked items in the app’s Lists tab.
• Double-tap list items to disable/re-enable the item.
• Data detectors automatically turn phone numbers and URLs into tappable links in itinerary notes fields and Travel Log items.
• Shake device to sync with TripIt, shake again to cancel.

With Travel Assistant you don’t need to carry paper itineraries, multiple rewards account membership cards or forget something for your trip. You store & manage information that you need.

Enter itineraries & import from TripIt for multiple trips, add notes, share with other people. Link to contacts & rewards accounts.

Store rewards account numbers & balances for multiple people.

Rotate the device to present key information full screen... name, confirmation, rewards account number etc. (Useful at check-in!)

Custom Travel Log to store your personal preferences & notes.

Create lists with multiple categories and check them as you go.

Third app in the nodconcept™ suite of travel apps: Travel Help! and Room.

Complete TripIt Pro integration for flight status monitoring and updates.
Complete TripIt itinerary import (not just flights).
Full integration with Apple Address Book app.
In-app creation of simple or detailed itineraries. Email them in-app.
Full screen Present Mode of key data by rotating device.
35+ rewards program entries included.

iOS 4.1 bug fixes.
Fixes an issue where retina display asset is not correctly used for App icon on Home Screen.
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