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リリース日2009-03-27 10:33:20
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互換性iOS 3.1以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Constantly improved during last 4 years (>4500 human-hours). We have extensive experience with alarm clock systems for iOS.

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============== REVIEWS ==============
"The best morning app for iOS." — Men's Health.

"Once you try it, you'll wonder how you have gone without it." — iphoneappsfinder.com

"Anyone who just wants to have a good day must have this app!" — Jeremy, Iowa.

============== ABOUT ==============
EasyWakeup wakes you up when it’s the most natural for your body.
While you sleep, the app monitors your movements, which are directly correlated with your sleep cycles, using the extremely sensitive accelerometer in your iPhone.

Never again do you have to hit that dreadful snooze bar!

Just place your iPhone next to you on your bed. By your mattress' movements the app will find the optimal time to wake you up during a chosen interval that ends at your set alarm time.

You could start waking more refreshed as of tomorrow!
And why shouldn't you - a good morning lays the groundwork for a great day!

============= FEATURES =============
Gentle awakening
- A smart algorithm to find your appropriate waking-time
- A fade-in melody for gentle awakening
- iPod music, dictaphone. Use your favorite music, affirmations or your lover's voice
- Optionally set up snooze time and method (press the button, touch the screen and/or just shake the device)

Easy to use
- Can work with two people in the bed (should be placed on the side of the bed)
- The app automatically determines a sensitivity of your body movements/device/mattress (even tempurpedic!)
- Beautiful dynamic instructions depending on your device/settings
- The app theme is optimized to be used at night
- Extra options will appear only after enabling "expert mode" (disabled by default)

Warranty of awakening
- More reliable even than the built-in alarm clock designed by Apple (daylight switch, time zone swift, not affected by missed phone call interruptions)
- Did you forget to set the maximum volume or left your device in silent mode? No problem: the program will fade-in the volume to predefined maximum
- Vibration will start after volume reaches the maximum volume
- Even if you have put the quiet melody accidentally so app will automatically switch to high volume and to standard melody in 10 min
- You can prevent full exit from the application by clicking the button "Home". Then the application will wake you up using local push notifications

We care about your device
- Maximum battery save. iOS 5+: up to 72 hours of work (although charge is recommended anyway)
- NO fast app switching. Maximum saving for your battery and memory
- Autostop awakening after 4 hours
- Warnings on low battery and lack of free space
- Your device be tested every application launch.

- Graphs. Learn when and how often you moved at night
- Night statistics. Track how long you sleep, average amount of hours
- Send a log by email for detailed study on your computer

- Choose whether you want to wake by vibration, swell sound or both
- Choose one from several of your own preset alarm clocks
- iPod Touch support
- more info on www.easywakeup.net

======= EasyWakeup PRO Features =======
- Customizable fade-in time (3sec-8min).
- Random melody from iPod Library (Exclusive). Tired of the same melody in the morning? Surprise yourself!
- Countdown mode (Exclusive). Choose how many hours you want to sleep.
- Mood. Record your awakening mood.
- Notes. Make a note of your dreams, and what factors influence your sleep.
- Pro will be improved, Classic - bugfixes only

If for some reason you don't think our product deserves a 5 star rating, feel free to email us. We are here to serve you and improve your life by meeting and exceeding your expectations!

bug fixes
reduce size
allow fadein setup
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