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Easy UP/down Timers

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開発者Greg Morris
リリース日2009-02-15 04:38:29
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互換性iOS 13.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
Enjoy the flexibility of having 25 simultaneous counters and timers with both a scrolling view of multiple timers and a single view of one timer complete with tilt and shake control, timer linking, synchronization, and customized pictures and sounds.

These easy to use and highly configurable timers can count up or down (with audible alarms and visual alerts) and are great for use in the kitchen to keep track of individual food items cooking, when doing your exercise or gym routine, giving a business presentation or speech, logging time spent on projects for a client, washing/drying, playing a game, taking prescription medicine, driving your car, sports, hobbies, aviation and much more.

When you need to count down time for tasks you do often, just set up a unique timer for your task and keep reusing it without having to enter the time again - one advantage of having so many flexible timers.

• Each of the 25 timers can count up or down and contains status indicators (up, down, active, alert, linked), a customized title, and a custom picture to identify each timer from your photo album or camera. Always see a running count of the number of active up and down timers. Timers that count up can start from any entered value. Reorder the timers as needed.

• Local notification alerts when the app is not active. Options to disable audible alerts and/or visual text alerts.

• Tilt and shake your device to be able to Start/Stop/Reset and increment/decrement time in the single timer view or display all the timers at once in a scrolling list view instead. In single timer view, see the current clock time as well as the expected time the countdown timer will reach zero.

• For countdown timers, choose from 30 alert sounds when time reaches zero or use your device’s microphone to record a custom alarm sound (The device does not support custom sounds in popup alerts). See the individual timer’s display flash in one of four colors and optionally add the ability for the entire screen to flash (silent alarm) or vibration on the iPhone. Each individual UP/down timer is independently configurable.

• Link one timer to another so that after it counts down to zero, it triggers another timer to either start counting up or also counting down. You can chain them together, or link one timer to itself for looping.

• Set up synchronized timers so that when you start/stop a “leader” timer, all “follower” timers will start/stop together. Enable/Disable a synchronized timer at any time or set a timer to be disabled after it is triggered so that it only goes off once.

• Load and save up to 10 Timer Sets that each contain 25 timers that you have previously configured (Up to 250 configured timers). Only one set of 25 timers is active at a time.

• Email the current value and status of each timer.

• Each timer has Start/Stop and Reset/Clear buttons for easy control that are context sensitive. Use a numeric keypad to enter the countdown time.

• Choose from one of 12 different background image themes for your timers (brushed metal, wood, tile, blue texture, red texture, pink stripes, black metal, Halloween, Christmas, wet, white and black).

• Program settings include the ability to Stop/Reset/Clear all timers, start all ‘up’ timers, key clicks on/off, alarm volume, enable tilt/shake control, tilt sensitivity, shake sensitivity, replacing one timer with a clock, replace one timer with the sum of all UP timers, auto stop up timers (exclusive mode), show timer as decimal hours (normally hours : minutes : seconds), preventing the device from ever sleeping, preventing sleep only when actively counting down, popup background text alerts or audible alerts, disable reset/clear buttons, and help documentation.

Please check out our Web site at www.EnergizeSoftware.com to explore the other apps we offer.

• iOS Compatibility.
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更新日時:2021年10月28日 18時11分




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