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互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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'People Search' is the first and only People Search application on the iPhone. 'People Search' lets you find the people that you are interested in.

Who are you looking for on the web?
* Your friends?
* People with similar interests?
* Celebrities?
* Your favorite musician / author / sports star / politician ?
* The team behind your favorite company?
* Employees of the company that you are interested in?
* Professionals of a particular domain?

If your interest is one of the few cases listed above, or among thousands of the cases that you can think of, 'People Search' does the job for you. With over 500 million people handy, you can find information about any person that you wish.

You can provide a name, email, location or a tag and get the people that match the criteria. You can also use the advanced search feature to restrict the results by defining the additional input parameters, including age, gender, locations, etc.

Each profile filtered by 'People Search' includes a brief description, most relevant tags, list of web pages that contains additional information and the people who are related to that user. A profile also displays an image of the person, if available. You can customize 'People Search' by specifying the information that you want to view for each profile.

When viewing a person's profile, you can tap on a 'tag' to find out people that share the same tag. You can tap on any web page, displayed in the 'More Info' section, and view the page within the application. You can tap on any person displayed in the 'Related People' section to view that person's profile. You can bookmark the person to have a quick access to his/her profile. You can also share the profile with your friends by mailing the person's link on the

'People Search' is powered by, the world's first and leading people search engine. uses a combination of search engine technologies and user edits to aggregate the world's people information and makes it searchable.

We appreciate your feedback. Please leave a review of your experience with 'People Search' and help us serve you better.

Grab 'People Search' and enjoy people searching!!!


* 'People Search' requires internet connectivity.

* 'People Search' is not responsible for quality and availability of the profiles displayed in the application. Though we work our best to give you proper results, the quality and availability are purely dependent on the data available in the websites that we use to capture the information.

Make application work with new API from
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