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リリース日2009-02-05 15:54:08
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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Get the best stock app in the AppStore on sale while it lasts ....

No other stock app comes close! PortfolioLive is the most powerful stock quote app and portfolio management tool in the AppStore. And the only place to get real time, up to the second quotes for NYSE and NASDAQ listed stocks.

Sept 2009: Featured By Apple: New & Noteworthy!!

Sept 2009: Featured by Apple: Staff Favorites

*** Check out our website for many more screenshots of the app and also over 30 minutes of instructional video ***

What users are saying about us:

"Concerning your upgrade, all I can say is WOW!" (Norm M.)

"The new changes are awesome..." (Jason M.)

"I Love the new changes in 2.0" (D. Levin)

Watch your stocks from wherever you are with a fast, smooth and very easy to use portfolio management application! Join a community of 20,000 satisfied users keeping up with their stock portfolio performance while on the move.

We have the *BEST* stock quote engine on the iPhone (with real-time data where available), the *BEST* portfolio management features with support for multiple portfolios, shorting, multiple lots, full trade capabilities and configurable commissions. The *BEST* stability and speed of any finance application. And the *BEST* customer support available.

» Gorgeous easy to read screens, rendered with adaptive fonts for maximum clarity

» Real time data for NYSE and NASDAQ listed stocks

» Stock quotes for the major US exchanges (NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE as well as OTC/PK).

» Support for dozens of international exchanges.

» Full transaction support with buy, sell, short and cover trades.

» Market snapshot feature that allows you to configure your own "Home Screen" of key financial data, included quotes, charts and news.

» Cross-portfolio totalling allows you to see your total net worth in one place in any currency of your choosing.

» Integrated Financial News Reader.

» Highly customizable charting engine based on our popular ChartsLive product. Create unlimited charts templates with our unique chart designer.

» Multiple currency support with daily updating of exchange rates.

» Support for Dividends and Splits.

» Support for Futures and Commodities

» Configurable commissions, with override on the trade screen.

» Ability to create any number of portfolios to monitor. Add up to *100* stocks, indexes and mutual funds per portfolio.

» Fast, crash free performance (check out our reviews).

» Quotes on Mutual Funds.

» Easy to use symbol search function that allows you to search on ticker or company name.

» Create positions in stocks or mutual funds so you can monitor the values of your portfolios.

» Allocation engine for sell trades so you can match up shares to the correct lots.

» Support for long and short positions and fractional share quantities.

» Password locking feature to protect your portfolio data.

» Live calculations of value, day gain and total gain at the lot, position and portfolio level.

» Ability to control the frequency of stock quote updates so you can balance update speed with battery consumption.

» Many visual clues and indicators to help you quickly assimilate your portfolio data, including stock quote direction colors, stock tick indicators, columns selectors and adaptive fonts so your data is always easy to read.

- Currency Screen (In settings/data maintenance) to view current rates and force a fresh update
- Fix to position of account password screen when backing-up data on a 3.x device.
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