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リリース日2009-02-06 17:00:00
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互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2024-07-17 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
New free download sounds features!
New Audio Effect, Queue Play.
"The hot download app for sleep/relax ambiance audios & sounds playing since 2009"

Jan/31/2011 update: - refactoring whole audio file management module.
- now support download wav, mp3, caf, aif, aiff, amr, m4a audio type.

Dec/15/2010 update: add Queue Play feature.

July/10/2010 updated: iOS 4 tested.add download
progress bar, increase interval timer.
support iOS 3.0 and upper, not support
iOS 2.x anymore.

25/02/2010 updated: add sequential sound
pitch changing feature;

05/05/2010 updated: add user's sounds
download feature. Now you can
download your own sounds audio.

=== Functions and Feature:
- 1 soundtrack for download feature, more
soundtracks for "Pro" "Ambi" version.
- customize and save favorite of sounds into a list
- made your favorite grouped customized sounds playing.
- customize and play upto 5 discrete short ambiance sounds and 1 sequential sound at one time.
- set count-down timer to manage playing time.
- manage each sound track volume.

Free Version of the application: aRelax Sound.

Help you avoid outside world, sleep well and take fun. It is easy and fast handle to use. You can set timer and select sounds to play very quickly.

Also you can customize and save your favorite of sounds into a list, made your favorite grouped sounds playing.Customize 5 discrete or short ambiance sounds and 1 sequential sound at one time and then playing.

The Free Version has following nature sounds and noises which come from the Full Version -- aRelax Sound.

Sequential Sounds:
-waterfall mid,
-river stream commute,
-rain on roof,
-cave wind

Short Sounds:
-dog bark, -mountain bird
-clock tick, -dry thunder,
-horse clop, -sheep (single),
-water drip. -wind bell

also have composed 2 default customized sounds in playlist : Horse run in countryside, Countryside bark, to help you fast experience this app.

=== New Feature ===
Free download a set of various ambient sounds!
add one sound track for download sounds
(two more sound track for download
ambient sounds in the full version!)

Have relaxation and fun.

***Check Full Version New Feature:

New free download feature: user
can download various kinds of ambient sounds.

*** Check out the full version of
aRelax Sound, which contain more than 50 natural sounds and noises: soft sea wave, soft wind via canyon, stream fall into river, waterfall distant, frog sing, katydid, diving, camp fire, train, ocean wave surf, rain forest, mountain hurst, wind blow tent. chimp, churchbell, clock tick, crane, thunder bolt, wild bird, wild boar, chick, lark, sea birds, seagull, sheep blat, wolf, wind chimes, bubbles noise, etc.



Requires iPhone OS 3.0 Software and later update
Compatible with iPhone & iPod touch (2nd Generation) which has iPhone OS 3.0 and upper OS.

Key Words: relax, sound, noise, ambiance,
ambience, sleep, asleep

- small change, and bug fix
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更新日時:2024年7月17日 21時56分




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