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Custom Hypnosis: Weight Loss Edition Plus

The creators of the successful Custom Hypnosis applications introduce the newest and most exciting Custom Hypnosis version yet! Announcing “Custom Hypnosis: Weight Loss Edition”! Millions of people struggle with their weight everyday. Are you one of them? Custom Hypnosis: Weight Loss Edition offers inspiration and ideas that will help you win the weight battle. You’ll receive six hypnotic sessions along with three choices of background music. Combined, these elements give you the power to succeed! Custom Hypnosis: Weight Loss Edition is much like the original application where you retain complete control over your own hypnosis session. You can choose short medium or long sessions. Choose your power of suggestion. Choose your background music. There are 54 ways of customizing your own personal sessions giving you more power to work on the areas of improvement that you want.

Custom Hypnosis: Weight Loss Edition offers 6 powers of suggestion including:

•Achieve Weight Loss
•Eating Right
•Manage Temptation
•Eliminate Cravings

Find the motivation you need to lose those extra pounds and keep them off for good! Take control of your life. You have the power. You have the technology. You have Custom Hypnosis: Weight Loss Edition!

Disclaimer: The developers of this application are in no way suggesting they are medical doctors or are offering medical advice. Custom Hypnosis is for individual recreational use only and although some positive results may be achieved, personal medical advice is not intended or implied.

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