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互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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*THE ORIGINAL* Full Screen Web Browser has redefined mobile web browsing. Downloaded by over 95,000 iPhone users around the globe, Full Screen has been a top utility app in several countries. Grab a copy and see for yourself what others are raving about!


"Full Screen will definitely be a nice addition to your home screen. -- Smoking Apples"

"Full Screen Web Browser is a great Safari companion for its cheap 99¢ price" -- Ars Technica


Browse the web free from clutter! The Full Screen Web Browser from SOPODS is a true full-screen web browser available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This app gives you up to 40% of your screen's real estate back by hiding the buttons, address and even the status bar when you don't need them. Now you can take full advantage of the ample screen on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

How does it work? Simple! Give your iPhone or iPod Touch a shake to bring the address bar and buttons into view, then enter a URL and the control bars will slide out of the way for a true full-screen experience. Surf the web exactly like you do in Safari: tap on links, swipe to scroll, double-tap or even pinch and spread your fingers to zoom in or out.

What our customers are saying:
"this makes surfing on your iphone really how surfing is meant to be" -- Netherlands
"It's amazing what a difference a little more screen makes. Clean, simple design." -- US
"This is a great app and a 'must have' for everyone.... Keep this on page one." -- PageOneApps
"I'm gonna use this more often then Safari." -- US
"Love the extra space it gives" -- Canada

Full screen web browsing
- 25% more viewable area than Safari in portrait mode
- Almost 40% more viewable area than Safari in landscape mode!
- Same web browsing experience as Safari on the iPhone: tap links, scrolling, zooming, etc.
- Back and forward buttons for easy navigation through your session history

Bookmark your favorite webpages for easier navigation. Add, delete, reorder and edit bookmarks just like in Safari. However, unlike Safari, Full Screen even allows you to edit the page address while you are creating the bookmark (which makes it easy to add handy JavaScript bookmarklets). The default bookmarks include a link to our Safari bookmarklet instructions. Use it to send any page you're viewing in Safari to Full Screen Web Browser.

Horizontal/Landscape support
Horizontal mode is fully supported. Rotate your device right or left for larger and easier to read text and larger images. The address and button bars are also available when your device is rotated—just give it a shake!

Private web browsing
Full Screen does not save any history of your activity on the web between sessions. Recent activity is only used for the "back" and "forward" actions. Simply tap the home button and your browsing history is gone.

Have your favorite page load when Full Screen first launches. This is easily set by tapping the action button and then the "Set as Home Page" button while you are on the page. The homepage address can also be set in the iPhone Settings app.

Complete Safari Integration
- Send any web page to Safari whenever you like by tapping the action button and then "Open in Safari"
- Send any web page back to Full Screen from Safari using our custom bookmarklet (instructions on our web site).

Send a Link
Email anyone a link to a web page by tapping the action button and then "Email Link".

We have many new and exciting features planned based on the wonderful feedback that we've received. Check us out at SOPODS.com for more info.

Improvements for iOS 4
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