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互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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◊ What is Faux Web Browser? ◊

Faux Web Browser is created for iPhone and iPod Touch users who can't visit some restrictive web sites.

These restrictive web sites block your access based on the type of a browser you are using. For example, have you visited a website which blocked you from accessing it because you are not using Internet Explorer?

If you are using Firefox or other browsers, other than Internet Explorer, you cannot access such a web site. These restrictive web sites block you from accessing their content simply based on the type of your browser. And, they usually work with only Internet Explorer.

This doesn't improve when you are using iPhone or iPod Touch, because you have only Mobile Safari to use. And Mobile Safari is not widely accepted by many web sites which prefer only Internet Explorer.

Now, with SPY, that inconvenience is solved! You can visit any restrictive web sites and all web sites with SPY.

That's a piece of mind.

When you face a restrictive web site which permits only Internet Explorer, use SPY! Now you can access it and see its content with SPY.

How do you do it? Pose as one of the favorite desktop browsers with SPY! You have several browser types to choose from.

◊ Choose Favorite Desktop Browser Mode. ◊

Here is a list of browsers Spy can pose or fake as.

— Opera.
— Firefox 3.0 for Mac.
— Firefox 3.0 for Windows.
— Internet Explorer 6.0 for Windows.
— Internet Explorer 7.0 for Windows.
— Internet Explorer 8.0 for Windows.

◊ How can I use Faux Mode? ◊

Turn Faux Mode ON by tapping "Spy" button on the bottom menu and toggle "Faux Mode" switch ON.

Choose your favorite desktop browser among the list. After choosing your favorite browser, close the Faux Mode panel.

Now, SPY is pretending to be your chosen desktop browser. Visit your favorite site which blocked access earlier.

For example, google.com does not restrict your access, but shows different content.

Play with a different browser type. Experiment with it!

See it for yourself. Get your copy today!


- Full Screen View
- Private / Anonymous Browsing.
- Screen Rotation Lock.
- Email Link.
- Open any viewing page directly in Mobile Safari.
- Enabled Secured Web Access (HTTPS).
- Enabled Screen Snapshot.
— Hold Home & Power buttons to take a screenshot. You will hear a camera click sound. Find the picture in Photo app after.

The following web sites do not work with Spy's Faux Mode in IE or Firefox mode. They still require the Flash player which is NOT available on iPhone OS 2.x or 3.x yet.

Please make a request to Apple and Adobe, so we can have it sooner on our iPhones and iPod.

Non-working Web Sites with Faux Mode.
— Sirius.com
— Any Flash-based Web sites.

- Bug Fixes
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