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開発者Web Information Solutions, Inc.
リリース日2009-03-27 21:54:15
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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NOTE TO NEW CUSTOMERS: If you haven't purchased Pocket Informant yet, you are encouraged to purchase either Pocket Informant Pro or Pocket Informant Go!.  This version of Pocket Informant (iPhone only) is not intended to be purchased. It is provided explicitly for existing users to be able to upgrade to the latest release. We are simplifying our product line and the next release (version 3.0) will be released as a Pocket Informant Go! and Pro upgrade only.

Calendar, Tasks, Notes & Contacts - Fully Integrated.

This is the time of year that we all reflect on our lives; examine, make resolutions for change, clean out the old to make room for the new. Pocket Informant is just the tool you need to enable these changes. Whether it's creating a "Workout" calendar to track your fitness plan, or creating a Task list to help you clean out the garage, Pocket Informant is what you need. Download today, and get started on the path to productivity!

Eliminate the “app shuffle” with a fully integrated Calendar, Task, Contacts and Notes Manager available for the iPhone. Built with over 10 years of mobile calendaring prowess we've focused on the best user experience. Customer focused - for you!

Key Features:
• VIEWS - Today, List, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Task, Notes, Contacts Views at your disposal to access all your data
• INTEGRATED - show Tasks and Events together either In Progress or just what's Due
• SYNC - access iOS Events and Reminders directly, or sync with Google Calendar/Tasks, Toodledo, and our very own paid-subscription Pocket Informant Online service for the ultimate access!
• FILTER - use Tags or Calendars to filter your events, tasks, or notes
• TEMPLATES - create Templates to quickly generate events or tasks - even tasks with subtasks!
• RECURRENCES - create repeating events AND tasks! You can create simple repeating patterns (every day/week/month/year) or complex ones (e.g. 4th Friday of every other month)
• SWIPE ACTIONS - swipe an event, task, note, or contact to quickly access common actions like changing a date, skipping a recurring task or even creating an event directly from a contact!
• TASKS - powerful task manager supports subtasks, recurrences - go full bore with a full GTD-style task management or simplify with our "Simple Tasks" mode
• SMART GROUPS - create your own dynamically filtered groups of tasks
• EVENT LOCATION MAPS - tap a button and show today's events mapped out for you, tap on the event and get directions (integrates with iOS Maps and Navigon)
• TASK LOCATION ALERTS - get alerted when you get near a location for a specific task, or assign a location to a Context and get alerted for a group of tasks
• NOTES - create text based notes organized however you like it – and even VOICE NOTES!
• CONTACTS - view your contacts by letter or by company; create events or tasks from a contact
• ATTACHMENTS - link contacts and pictures to an event or task (not available for iOS events or reminders)
• CUSTOMIZABLE - we give you the options you need to customize important features such as task methodology (GTD, Franklin Covey, standard, and simple), ISO week numbers, event & task defaults, month & week view layouts, and much much more
• THEMES - on iPhone you can pick leather-based themes or iOS-style themes
• COLORS/ICONS - use Calendar or Tag coloring to visually make your organized calendar or task list more readable

Pocket Informant is trademarked Web Information Solutions, Inc.
Getting Things Done is copyright David Allen

Version 2.60 brought many exciting new features to Pocket Informant including:
-Improved interface in many areas
-iOS Reminders Support for both iOS 5 & 6
-A new Setup Assistant that makes it easy to set up PI right away
-Task Smart Filters can now use relative dates
-Contact Group support
-Improved performance
-Much more...

In version 2.63, we have made a number of improvements and fixes across various parts of the app. This release includes minor interface improvements, added ability for Smart Groups to reference iOS Reminder Lists, fixed an isolated issue with the password screen, and resolves some issues with Daylight Savings Time transitions in specific countries. Additionally we have addressed some rare issues that could occur when editing recurring iOS events, made a number of syncing improvements, and improved overall stability (including a specific stability issue when running on iOS 5).

In version 2.64, we have fixed a regression with timezones from 2.63.

We hope you enjoy this release and, as always, we appreciate your feedback.
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更新日時:2024年7月21日 15時24分




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