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開発者Michael Golden
リリース日2008-12-29 07:21:13
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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Warning:Not currently compatible with iOS8

How good a poker player am I? All of us who play poker should be asking this question of ourselves all the time. Do I do better at Hold'em or Omaha? At the local card room or online? On Tuesdays or Saturdays? Morining or evenings? Am I making more $ playing cash games or tournaments?

If we knew the answers to questions like these, we would know where, what and when to play to maximize our profits, and where we need to put some extra focus on improving our game.  Without thorough record-keeping, it is very hard to answer these questions. With Poker Journal, it becomes easy.

Fully customizable for your poker play, you can configure  the games YOU play, the locations YOU play at, the stakes YOU play for and more. Once configured, simply enter each session that you play. You can even set up defaults for cash games and tournaments so entering your data is very quick,

Poker Journal lets you see your data as charts so you can see how well you are doing. You can filter your data based on any of the fields in the data (game, dates, locations, tournament types, day of week, etc ) so you can evaluate your play based on these different criteria.  If you would like more advanced analysis, you can export some or all of your data to your desktop to open in your favorite spreadsheet program.

Features include:
- Track Cash Games & Tournaments
- Customize:
- Games Types (Poker, Blackjack, etc...)
- Games (Hold'em, Razz, etc...)
- Stakes (for Cash Games)
- Limit Types
- Location Types (online, casino, etc...)
- Locations
- Tournament Types (Sit & Go, Rebuy, etc...)
- Bankrolls
- Bankroll Expense Types
- Bankroll Deposit Types
- Custom Fields! Add fields to your cash games and tournaments. Configure how they are displayed, and averaged and/or totaled on the overview screens.
- Setup defaults for Cash Games & Tournaments as well as defaults by location to make data entry quic
- Auto detect your location based on your gps settings. (If allowed)
- Track live games with timers, pause when you leave the table, indicate if you have additional rebuys, Poker Journal will keep track of the total time and total outlay for your game.
- Track Tokes and Tips for Cash Games as well as other misc. purchases with chips.
- Track Rebuys in Cash Games & tournaments. How much, how many.
- Filter your data based on:
- Date Range
- Game
- Limit Type
- Stakes
- Location
- Location Types
- Day of Week
- Custom Fields
(Additionally, you can combine these criteria, so for example you could look at all the Omaha and Omaha 8 games you play Online on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.)
- Reports based on filters... see all data at a glance. Export data to your desktop computer.
- Filters allow multiple critera selection. For example, see games you played on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
- When selecting filters, you can see how many games match the criteria you are selecting (see screen shot)
- Separate overview screens for Cash Games, Tournaments, or All sessions combined. Shows Gross or Net winnings at the touch of a switch.
- Full screen charts by rotating the device to landscape.
- Full manual online manual (for viewing in Safari)
- List view of Cash Games & Tournaments (games displayed in red or green depending if you made profit or not)
- Full game display with all details and notes
- Export data (filtered or unfiltered, Cash Games only, Tournaments only or all games) in tab-return delimited format (requires email account on device)
- Backup data off of the device (requires email account on device)
- Configureable Colors. Each section can be color coded however you desire.
- Keep notes on players (including pictures)
- Full Database backup capabilites. Keep your data safe!
See the web site for complete manual. (2.0 update coming in the works.)
Please send me email with any suggestions or bug reports. (Keep those great ideas coming! If you email me your feedback, then I can contact you for more information about them.)

- Many iOS7 exposed bugs fixed!
- Full use of iPhone 5 screen
- Much improved Location Editor
- Fixed problems with custom fields not saving
- Delete Location crash fixed
- Delete filter crash fixed
- cash and tourney list don't go under the tab bar
- cleaned up artwork for iOS7,
- crash in live tourney entry fixed
- All layouts needed adjustmentfor iOS7 layout changes.
- Removed filter display from List views (for now)(could not integrate with iOS7)
- Fixed passcode
- Improved look of custom colored button
Known Issues:
- Backup file name dialog no longer shows edit field.
- Manu UI improvements still desired with new os
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更新日時:2024年6月15日 16時35分




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