Medical Abbreviations

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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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** Thanks to our awesome users, Medical Abbreviations now contains more than 14,000 abbreviation definitions!! **

Save time when confronted with abbreviations in your practice. Medical Abbreviations provides simple, fast and convenient access to more than 14000 medical abbreviations at your fingertips. Easily search the abbreviations and definitions and see the search results as you type. Browse the abbreviations by sliding your finger along the convenient index. Lookup the meanings of abbreviations in Wikipedia and Google.

Features in version 1.3
- Improved searching; an exact abbreviation match is shown first
- 14045 meanings for 8118 abbreviations
- Quickly lookup definitions in Wikipedia (full or mobile) or search Google
- Save abbreviations to favorites list for easy retrieval
- Search results update as you type
- Search for both abbreviations and definitions at the same time
- Easy browsing with the index
- Abbreviations are sorted and grouped by first letter

New abbreviations will be added to the application with future updates. The Medical Abbreviations application uses a community-supported database of abbreviations. To suggest abbreviations to the database or provide feature requests, please email us at

New features in v1.3:
14045 meanings for 8118 abbreviations
Uses Wikipedia's beautiful new mobile version as a search option

New features in v1.2:
13612 meanings for 8043 abbreviations
Improved search performance (both abbreviation and meanings searched simultaneously)

New features in v1.1:
If you would like to refer to an abbreviation easily in the future, tap on the star at the top of the screen and the abbreviation will be added to your favorites list. To see your favorites, just tap the Favorites button at the top of the list of abbreviations.

Wikipedia search:
Abbreviations commonly have multiple associated terms. When you view the details of an abbreviation, each term is shown separately. Tapping a term will search in Wikipedia for and display the matching result or a list of possible results. The mobile version of Wikipedia is used to minimize downloading times and optimize viewing on the iPhone or iPod Touch.
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