Clock/Radio Light Alarm (iPod, radio, classic ring tones)

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開発者oWorld Software
リリース日2008-11-12 10:30:57
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互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Wake up to a song from your iPod! New with Firmware 3.0; you can now choose the song that will wake you up!


What if the iPhone was also... a clock and an alarm? You could put it in a corner and it would give you all the information a clock would :)

So the iPhone would show you:

- The time (in 12/24 hour format)
- The date (4 different date display formats)
- The week number
- The day's saint
- An alarm indicator

Put your iPhone on your bedside table or near you and it will give you all the information you need at a glance: simple, clear and efficient. It can even be used as an alarm clock or an entirely personalised alarm!

Wake up gently thanks to the light alarm. The application displays a white screen that will reach its maximum intensity for when the alarm is set.

The following settings are available:
- Time display format: 24 or 12 hour clock
- Date format: "16/11/08", "16 Nov. 08", "Sun 16 Nov. 08" or "Sunday 16 November 08"
- Display style: LED or Modern
- Display colour: Red, blue, green, white or yellow
- Deactivate the iPhone's automatic standby mode: go to sleep in peace, you'll always have the time on your iPhone at a glance!
- The telephone is too bright in the dark? No problem, just lower the brightness with a simple screen touch!
- Deactivate/Activate:
- Show the date
- Show the day number
- Show the week number

Possible alarm settings:
- Turn on/off
- Possibility to repeat the alarm every x minutes (configurable number of minutes)
- Possibility to define the days the alarm will go off (e.g. Every day except Saturday and Sunday)
- Visual indicator that shows if the alarm is on or off and at what time it will go off.
- Choice of alarm ring from 24 different melodies (alarm rings, birds, ocean, frog).
- Choice of being woken by the radio:
Your favorite radio station isn't available? Send me a mail ;)
- Choice of being woken by music from your iPod!

Do you have any ideas to improve this application? Feel free to write to us.
Are you not entirely satisfied with a particular function? Feel free to write to us.

This application is made for you, so take advantage of that!


- How to access the application settings?
- Double click on the screen and a menu will appear at the top of the screen. With this you can set the clock and the alarm.

- I can't hear any sound from the iPhone/iPod, is this normal?
-You have to put the iPhone in ring mode (bell not crossed out on the iPhone). That way you'll be able to hear all the sounds made by the application.

- New design
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更新日時:2022年7月5日 06時23分




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