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互換性iOS 5.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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iPreggo is your ultimate all-in-one pregnancy app designed to help track and provide personalized information for the expectant mothers and fathers throughout her stages in pregnancy.

Version 3 was about keeping family and friends connected through Facebook, Twitter and email
Version 4 builds from version 3 and improves the app with the end user in mind. We listened to your feedback and version 4 now comes with more information about pregnancy and baby than any previous versions released. We've also added a lot of new graphics to improve the overall user experience, added and appointment reminder.. and more.

iPreggo has been around for many years with 4 major releases and is continuously being improved for future releases to come. Rest assured that the iPreggo purchase will be one worthwhile for your current pregnancy and any future ones.

iPreggo has many features as outlined below:

* Stay Connected with your friends and family through Facebook, Twitter or Email! We have preset status's to update friends and family quicker! (presets include announcement, pregnancy progress, baby's development, baby arrival)
* Image ticker with progress indicator to provide reference of your baby's development
* bright and colorful graphic icons that provide:
-Trimester Information: Days pregnant and how many more days to go. Trimester icon changes depending on your trimester!
-Did You Know Facts: Get interesting pregnancy facts by tapping this button
-Baby Size: Learn about the size and weight of the baby for the week and how he/she compares to a fruit or vegetable!
- Baby Development: Learn about how the baby is developing from week to week
-Common Symptoms: Weekly symptom information to keep you informed and aware of the physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy
* 3 Beautiful color themes to match your taste (blue, pink, green). The theme is carried throughout the app
* Due date can be set directly or be calculated from your last menstrual period (LMP)

* Use the integrated camera to take weekly pregnancy photos or select from your photo album
* Share your weekly photos with family and friends by uploading to Facebook and by email
* Easy to use interface to quickly browse weekly photos by the swiping of a finger

Baby Names
* Keep a list of your favorite boy and girl names for consideration for your baby
* Browse the top 100 baby boy and girl names to potentially add to the list

* Track your pregnancy milestones and mark the dates they occur so that you'll never forget these priceless moments!
* Export your milestones information as backup

* Mark your next appointment while at the doctor's office for easy reference
* Get friendly alert of upcoming appointment even when the app is not running
* General information about what to expect in your next doctor's appointment

Come follow us on Twitter to get the latest scoop at

* Support for iPhone 5 4" display
* bug fixes and performance enhancements
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