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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2023-12-11 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
Keep the contact with your friends and coworkers anywhere you go. OneTeam is an Instant Messaging client that allow you to use your Jabber / XMPP account. There our hundreds of publicly available servers (for example, or

OneTeam have been designed to offer the cleanest and simplest interface possible. OneTeam is designed with productivity in mind making it suitable for corporate / business use.

OneTeam allows you to reuse your existing account through server side gateways. If your server supports it you can get in touch with contacts on AIM®/MobileMe®, ICQ®, MSN® / Windows Live®, Yahoo!®, GoogleTalk®.

OneTeam is build on top of ProcessOne renowed expertise of Instant Messaging service, making this software a very reliable and efficient applications that can work on Wifi, 3G or Edge network.

* Reviews:
"Best (and only) native Jabber client [...] especially for mobile professionals connecting to a corporate chat server" (SDWinDev)
"Does exactly what it is meant to do, and does so by connecting directly to your specified jabber server, not through a third-party" (ryanparrish)
"Connects securely to our jabber server and is quick and responsive. No nonsense XMPP IM client that just works." (Tosvar)

* OneTeam Key features
- OneTeam use your existing data plan: no per-message charges
- No need to get through third-parties servers. OneTeam can connect directly on your own server
- Does not requires your server to be public. Works through VPN or internal Wifi network
- Gtalk / Gmail support or Meebo
- Facebook XMPP chat support
- Groupchat
- Twitter supports with free registration on Tweet.IM (also be ProcessOne)
- Automatic secure connection support (Starttls and TLS)
- You can use OneTeam in corporate environment with your own corporate XMPP server
- Push support on compliant server ( accounts or ejabberd server with commercial push module).
- Clean interface and streamlined workflow
- Compliance with the open XMPP standard
- Multiprotocol support: Can allow you to chat your contacts on other instant messaging networks through server side gateways. Setup can be done directly from the client
- Avatar support
- Allow to create an XMPP/Jabber account on server from the client application. account benefits freely from server side gateways (MSN, Yahoo!, AOL, ICQ, Gtalk, Twitter).
- Smiley support
- Chat history on the phone
- Ability to add and remove contact from OneTeam (both Jabber / XMPP contacts and third parties network contact).
- Support large number of servers: ejabberd, iChat, jabberd14, jabberd2, jabber XCP, openfire, Gtalk

You can check the roadmap on our support site, add feature requests and vote for your most needed feature. We are listening to you. We are commited to make OneTeam the instant messaging application you will love using.

READ CAREFULLY: Push support requires server support: Either Oneteam.IM account or ejabberd with commercial push module (Stated but it seems many people do not understand or overlook this). There is no way to go around this as this client offer direct connection to server (no third party server required).

Fix critical crash on launch introduced with previous release.
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更新日時:2023年12月11日 18時06分




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