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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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There are 39 well known mantra included within the basic app and now several mantra available for in-app purchase from known and loved mantra chanters Krishna Das, Thomas Ashley-Farrand, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, and Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa. Look for more mantra from outside providers in future updates. We have heard your feedback and welcome suggestions.

Bring your practice with you where ever you go. Select your mantra from among beautifully spoken Buddhist, Hindu, Kundalini, Universal, and Planetary mantras in several voices, and when you slide a bead your iPhone says the mantra and keeps track of the beads. You can say the mantra along with the recording, or just listen. You will even see the king bead appear when you get to the end of your mala. So that you can easily tell which bead is the one to slide, we have made it slightly see-through. Keep your practice conscious, and make sure you push it all the way over to hear the mantra.

If you want to practice a mantra that we don't have recorded, you may record your own. You can record up to nine mantras, complete with the mantra words and description.

You can also choose to listen to music. With each mantra, we have selected either tambura in an appropriate key, or another meditative sound. You can easily set the volume for the music separately from the mantra, or turn it off altogether to hear only the mantra.

You can put your own deity image on the screen, or customize it with a photo. Just select any picture in your library. You can even email yourself an image, and add it to your library, and then select it for iMantra.

Also, set up the mala beads as you like -- anywhere from nine to 199 beads for the mala, and set up to 499 malas repetitions! This allows nearly 10,000 chants to be said and counted by iMantra.

iMantra keeps track of the number of mantras that you have said, and the number of malas that you have completed.

Or, to listen without having to interact with the phone, click the Buddha's beggar bowl and the beads slide out of view and the mantra is repeated for you to listen to. You can set the number of malas that you wish to hear, and iMantra will say exactly that number. We have even disabled the automatic phone shutoff so you are not interrupted during your practice. Hint: To avoid phone or email interruptions, set your iPhone to Airplane mode.

You can listen using the built-in speaker, or headphones. If you are connected to speakers using a dock or adapter you will hear the full quality of the mantras.

iMantra includes a volume slider that disappears when mantras are playing, so that you can adjust the playback volume. It also includes the Planetary Mantras, and more Hindu mantras.

Whether you have a beginner's mind, and want to have examples to follow and learn, or you are a soul with an established practice, you will find iMantra a wonderful tool to use every day.

39 mantras are included, and we will be adding more in the future. When you download this app you are eligible to receive all the future updates for free as we add them. Please email us with suggestions for mantras you would like to have. Namaste.

** Updated for iOS 7

** Bug fixes and improvements
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