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リリース日2008-09-30 04:25:49
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星3.5 (16人)
互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Access the international PennyTel network from your iPhone! It's the easiest way to slash your phone bill! Simply download PennyTel Mobile to your iPhone and set up a free PennyTel account. The app automatically detects which call methods are available and shows them as handy buttons.

If you have a good data connection (WiFi or 3G), you can call other PennyTel users for free with VoIP. Putting some credit on your account lets you call any phone number worldwide with PennyTel's very cheap rates.

Even if your data connection is not so good, there are plenty of options to save with PennyTel. First there is the convenient Callback button. PennyTel will call you first, then connect to your destination. This means you get PennyTel's great rate on the incoming call too!

For international calls, there's also the famous PennyTel SmartDial system. To set this up, first sync your address book with PennyTel's server. Each of your contacts is assigned its own local number just for you. This lets you call a local number at your ordinary local rate. The call is then connected to the contact's real number at PennyTel's great rate. (These local numbers are currently only available in Australia, the United States, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore)

You can save on your messages too with PennyTel's easy visual voicemail interface. And send SMS worldwide for one low rate!

All network communications except VoIP are conducted securely via SSL. We believe the extra security is worth the little extra bandwidth.

v3.1 to v3.0.1 changelog
- removed some features: sign up, top up, links to website.

v3.0.1 to v3.0 changelog
- now works on iOS 5

v3.0 to v2.0 changelog
- Keeps VoIP registration alive while in the background (SIP over TCP)
- High definition codec (G722.1)
- Low bitrate codec (iLBC)
- Consistent colour scheme over all tabs
- Retina resolution for most graphics
- Favourites on the History tab are now explicitly selected
- What was previously 'Favourites' has been renamed 'Popular'
- Missed calls list now available on the History tab
- Balance shown on the Keypad tab
- Call In button on the Voicemail tab
- Revised Settings tab layout into 'Standard' and 'Guru' screens
- Guru settings for codec and registration based on current network connection
- Guru settings for local SIP and RTP ports
- Guru setting for Caller ID from available validated numbers
- Supports Bluetooth headsets with VoIP audio
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更新日時:2023年3月26日 07時56分




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