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リリース日2008-09-16 12:14:17
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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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iSort is a relational database manager (RDBMS) that can create its own databases, as well as connect to and synchronize with 4D v12 databases. iSort is designed to work natively on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, and adjusts automatically to your iOS device’s screen dimensions and capabilities.
You can use it to carry all sorts of information about all sorts of things, right in your hands. Information about your bottles of wine, your books, whatever you’d like to sort... right in your pocket, or gloriously big and touchable on your iPad!
Creating databases and fields, managing records – it can all be done directly from iSort, without having to touch a computer. And the number of databases and fields you can create is unlimited.
iSort allows you to create fields using the following types of data:
- Text (short and long)
- Date
- Numeric
- Counter
- Stars
- Images (small, medium and large)
- Switches (Yes/No) 
- Lists (to dynamically display the content of another database)
- Linked tables
- Contacts
- iPod
- Sound memos
In addition, text fields can be detected as telephone numbers, Web links or email addresses. So a button corresponding to a field can initiate a telephone call, visit a Web page or send a mail via the iPhone.
A built-in Web server allows you to import/export CSV files and pictures, and to manage the databases (edit, add, and delete records) from any desktop browser.
Above all, it’s very easy to use: If you know how to use Contacts, you already know how to use iSort.

iSort functions in English and French, and documentation is available in both languages.

About iSort and 4D

For use with 4D v12, any application or database deployed with a 4D Web Server license can be instantly consulted remotely with iSort. There’s no need to create a database in iSort first – simply replicate and synchronize an entire 4D database or a selection of tables within iSort. Your 4D v12 data can then be directly altered and enriched from your iPhone or iPod Touch, and even more easily with the full screen size of the iPad.

Have a huge 4D application? Import just your structure, or just your database, or both. Before importing, iSort will let you know how many records there are, so you can decide to perform the sync now, or wait until you have a faster connection if you need to transfer more data.

Furthermore, iSort supports paging (by default, 10 records at a time) so you don’t saturate valuable 3G bandwidth when working with large databases on the road.

iSort even works offline when you don’t have access to a network: Work offline with iSort, then save your data back to your 4D application next time you connect.

And it’s all secure. Timeout management prevents data errors when connections are intermittent (i.e. on a car or a train). It works over HTTPS in SSL mode, with an option for digest encryption. And it also uses 4D’s authentication scheme for all transactions.

iSort is the perfect tool for employees in the field to access and update centralized data, for executives and decision makers to get instant information, and for just about anyone to organize the information they use every day.

4D is a complete desktop and client/server development and deployment environment for Mac and Windows. To learn more about 4D, please visit

Bug fixes
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