Visual Metronome

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開発者One More Muse
リリース日2008-10-07 09:16:25
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互換性iOS 3.1.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Visual Metronome is a metronome for the iPhone and iPod Touch that provides extremely accurate audio and visual beat indication. It is by far and away the most flexible metronome in the app store.

As mentioned in the New York Times:

- Universal app with different interfaces optimized for the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.

- 1 - 800 bpm. The widest range of tempos of any metronome in the app store, doubling what other metronomes are capable of thanks to its precision audio engine.

- Multitask enabled for iOS devices. Visual Metronome can play in the background while you are reading sheet music in another app.

- The click of your metronome is important; you're going to be hearing it a lot. Visual Metronome is the only metronome in the app store featuring click synthesis that allows you to customize your clicks to sound the way you want.

- Subdivisions from quarter notes to sixty-fourth notes, with every thing in between (16th notes, quintuplets, nontuplets...). Individual subdivisions can be accented or muted.

- Sick of metronomes that only allow you to play in 3,4,6 and 8? Visual Metronome is the only metronome in the app store featuring unlimited length sequences in which accents can be placed on any beat or subdivision. Play in 5, 5+21+2, 7, 13, whatever you want... the sequencer makes it easy to create complex rhythmic patterns like claves.

- Accuracy down to a tenth of a bpm. Visual Metronome is the only dedicated metronome app that lets you specify tempos with this degree of precision. Double tap the tempo readout to enter your exact tempo or tap the large beat display in time and let Visual Metronome calculate the BPM for you.

- Accurate timing is maintained while the display is asleep. Allowing the display to sleep while still outputting audio *greatly* increases battery life. There is also an option to always leave the display on for visual use.

- Setlist allowing you to save and recall custom presets containing BPM info, accent placement and all options. Easily switch between presets by swiping the main beat display... a single swipe is all that is required. Presets are also presented in a list for direct selection.

- The audio engine in Visual Metronome has been custom engineered to provide the most accurate timing possible. See the One More Muse website (linked below) for detailed timing comparisons with other app store metronomes and a graph of the audio output of VM playing sixteenth notes at 720 BPM perfectly in time!!!

- Easily adjustable manual tempo - press your finger on the BPM indicator and then drag up and down for large tempo changes; press the + and - buttons for finer control. Or tap the large number display to have Visual Metronome automatically determine the BPM for you.

- Four octave pitch pipe for reference pitches

- Playback now starts instantly upon pressing the play button
- Fixed playback problems that occurred when audio was interrupted while Visual Metronome was running in the background
- Removed option to enable / disable audio playing when Visual Metronome is in the background on iOS 4.x devices. This is now enabled by default. Just press pause before quitting if you don't want audio to continue in the background.
- Fixed layout bugs in the iPad that could occur after auto-rotating the interface
- Fixed crash that occurred in iPad 4.2 Beta after pressing the Option button
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更新日時:2022年5月24日 08時13分




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