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開発者Jens Eickmeyer
リリース日2008-09-01 09:00:33
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星3 (9人)
互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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TimeTracker helps you keep track of your time everywhere and everytime right on your iPhone™ or iPod touch™. It is a powerful yet easy to use application for everyone who wants to see how much time is spent on certain tasks and projects. It contains a rich set of features like organization of tasks into projects, filtering tasks by time frames, exporting the tracked data via email, and many more.

To see TimeTracker in action please watch the video on the product website.

● Tasks
Tasks represent the things you are working on. With a single tap you start and stop them. It is possible to track multiple tasks at the same time. You can always see how much time you spent on a certain task.

● Projects
Tasks can be organized in projects. TimeTracker provides the area "Single Tasks" for all tasks which do not belong to a certain project.

● Quick Start
The fastet way to start tracking your time is by tapping the "Quick Start" button on the main screen. Decide what to do with the task when you stop it.

● Overview
You can always view your tasks by project or all tasks at once. The total time is always summed up according to the displayed tasks and shown in the toolbar.

● Export
The data you have collected over time can be exported as a CSV file via email. You can narrow the data by applying the Time Filter before exporting the data.

● Time Filter
The Time Filter allows you to narrow the lists of tasks or invocations to a certain time frame, e.g. today or last week. The total time is updated accordingly.

● History
Time Tracker saves each and every invocation of a task. The History lists these invocations by day and offers you to create, edit and delete them.

What our users say:

"It’s a fantastic app, and definitely the best time tracker I’ve tried out of the dozen or so top time tracking apps in the store. Thanks!"
Customer Email

"I would like to say how much I love your application. It's very easy to use and straight to the point."
Customer Email

"After having tried a considerable number of different timetracking apps without ever having been really contented, I newly came back to TimeTracker, and I must say: With update 2.0 this app is indeed the best of all the apps I have seen so far."
App Store Customer Review

"Great application. Simple tasks implemented with just enough flair. Exactly what I was looking for. Money well spent."
Customer Email

You can follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/timetrackerapp.

The start time of active timers can be changed again.
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