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互換性iOS 2.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Sync your phone lists from the web over 3G or WiFi! Have someone else maintain your phone lists of important calls to make on your way to the airport or to work in the morning. Sync when you get in the car and have your calls start dialing without ever touching the phone again.

iDialUDrive is a fun and simple application for your iPhone which you use to automatically dial, hands free, anyone on your list of contacts. This application is a safe, legal way to use your iPhone hands free while driving.

Using your iPhone’s built-in Contact manager, iDialUDrive lets you easily create custom lists of people you want to call. Then, by simply touching just one control, iDialUDrive will dial the first entry in your custom call list. After the first call is completed, iDialUDrive automatically will dial the next entry in your list. You get to make all your important calls without ever having to touch your iPhone!

This application is great for making phone calls while commuting! For example, before getting into your car, you use iDialUDrive to make a quick custom call list of the people you need to speak with during your commute. Then, after you start your commute, you touch the iDialUDrive “Dial” control, and iDialUDrive does the rest. iDialUDrive will start by calling the first person in your custom list, and when each call is completed, it will automatically hang up and then dial the next number.

You can create a custom call list which can have any number or combination of contacts from your contact list. You can create lists of friends, family, work partners, members on a school soccer team, shops and businesses, etc.., and then use iDialUDrive to automatically dial each phone number on any list.

iDialUDrive has these features:
New web based phone list editor ( ) for syncing to your phone.
Allow someone else to maintain your import list of calls without giving up your phone for entry.
Sync your phone lists anytime over Edge or WiFi
Uses the Contact list on your iPhone.
Create a custom call list.
Can reorder and edit the call list.
Works with any headset (BlueTooth, etc).
Adjustable time between calls.
One-touch “Cancel All”, to stop dialing.
Ultra low cost and simple to use.

Web based phone list editor.
Ability to sync to phone lists built at our web site ( ) with your iPhone.
Now have someone else maintain your list of important phone calls without having to give up your phone.
Sync your phone lists anytime over Edge or WiFi
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