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互換性iOS 2.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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The Wheel RE (REtro) is for those iPhone users who yearn for the days when everything was (almost) free, and just being close was "good enough".

The Wheel RE recreates the classic obstetric wheel gestational age (GA) calculator used by healthcare providers for decades. This particular replica was scanned from a wheel handed out by the makers of Bendectin long before lawyers shut down the use of this wonderful drug for nauseated pregnant women. Just like the classic wheel, The Wheel RE displays all kinds of approximate information like due dates, dates of last menstrual periods, weeks of gestation, lunar months, ovulation, quickening, and terms of pregnancy.

The Wheel RE lets you manipulate the wheel on the iPhone just like you can with those obsolete cardboard, metal, and plastic wheels of days-gone-by. Simply line up the LMP (Last Menstrual Period) pointer on the inner wheel to the month and day of the LMP on the outer wheel, and then rotate the entire wheel so you can see the EDC (Estimated Date of Confinement, EDC is what they used to call the due date before the PC Police changed it to EDD because "confinement" had negative connotations for sensitive modern-day women). If you already know the EDC, you can use the EDC pointer on the inner wheel instead, and then rotate the entire wheel to view any particular month and day during the pregnancy, and then view the week of pregnancy for that date (and take your best shot at guessing how many days).

- Approximate EDC from LMP
- Approximate GA weeks (and days) from LMP or EDD
- Approximate EDD from a known GA and date
- Estimate pregnancy ovulation
- Identify the term of pregnancy
- Retain chosen EDC and date of interest

iPhone users, especially healthcare providers, who would like to be more precise about dates and gestational ages, in a format that is easy to read, might be interested in The Wheel SP, a full-featured gestational age calculator which uses a "spinner" interface to enter dates and gestational ages. Or, users might be interested in the original The Wheel, a visual, calendar-based gestational age calculator that includes all of the SP features and more. Both of these professional tools are available here in the App Store.

WARNING: PROLONGED USE OF THE WHEEL RE MAY RESULT IN EYESTRAIN (especially if you are over forty years old).

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