Folders - Private File Storage and Viewing

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開発者Ryan McCormack
リリース日2008-09-03 09:38:48
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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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With Folders you can privately store files from your PC or Mac and view them on your iPhone or iPod. Securely password protect and even hide entire folders of your private documents! Import photos and videos directly from the camera! You can also store and view PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Folders now supports creating and editing text files too!

With Folders transferring your files to the iPhone has never been easier! Transfer files to and from your PC or Mac via WiFi, even share files between iPhones! With Folders you can manage your documents using a web browser on any PC on your WiFi network. You can also import files directly from the Web, from the Photo Library, or your iPhone camera. Folders also has built in support for unzipping archive files so you can move large numbers of files at once to your iPhone.


- Manage your folders and upload files to your iPhone via WiFi from your PC or Mac

- Create hidden folders that only appear after you enter your password

- Lock folders to prevent viewing and deletion by anyone without your password

- Store and view images, movies, and documents (PDF, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Text)

- Create and edit text files

- Import photos and video directly from the iPhone camera and media gallery

- Download files from the web using the built in browser

- Support for unzipping zip archive files

- Export files to any PC on your network with WiFi export

- Great for importing eBooks

- Works in portrait and landscape mode

- Supports gestures when viewing files including pinching, zooming, panning and paging

- Folders also doubles as a viewer for all your files. Folders supports all of the following file types, and more:

Images (jpg, gif, png, bmp)
Video (mp4, m4v, mov)
Audio (mp3, aac)
Office (doc, excel, powerpoint)
Text (PDF, txt)

INSTRUCTIONS & TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE: has a User Guide with instructions on how to use the application, including how to import files from both Macs and PCs.

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT UPDATING: To ensure a smooth update with any iPhone software, please turn off the iPhone and start it fresh before downloading the update. Allow the program to finish updating before doing anything else with the iPhone.

NOTE ABOUT EMAIL ATTACHMENTS: Please note that you cannot save email attachments to Folders. Saving email attachments is the job of the email program and cannot be added to any 3rd party application.

Keywords: Photo Vault, Video Vault, Photo Safe, Video Safe, Picture Safe, Picture Vault, Air Sharing, FileMagnet

- iOS 6 fixes
- Airplay playback
- Lock fix for iOS 5 & 6
- Video playback updates for iOS 5 & 6
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