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リリース日2008-07-30 19:53:03
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星2.5 (47人)
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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Balance is an app designed to help you keep track of the balances of all of your accounts. Intended to replace a paper-based checkbook register, Balance maintains a list of credits and debits to each of your accounts. When you enter a new transaction, Balance automatically recalculates that account’s balance. You can enter recurring transactions into Balance, and new occurrences will be entered into Balance automatically. Password protection is available to keep others from looking at your transactions. Balance also allows you to export your transactions to your computer. With Balance, you’ll always know how much money you have in each of your accounts so you can avoid overdraft fees.

Balance Pro is now available as an upgrade to Balance via In App Purchase. Balance Pro adds support for multiple accounts and recurring transactions. To upgrade to Balance Pro, tap on the gear icon in the lower-right corner of the screen to bring up the settings screen and then choose "Upgrade to Balance Pro." The upgrade takes place from inside the app and once complete the additional features will be unlocked; there's no additional app to download.

For support, please visit our Web site or email us at

- Fixes a crash that occurred on some iOS versions when entering an amount.
- Fixes an issue that caused Balance to sometimes lock up when calculating new occurrences of recurring transactions.

What's New in Version 2.1:

Recurring Transactions (Pro only; available via In App Purchase):
Balance 2.1 adds support for recurring transactions. With this addition, you can schedule transactions to occur according to complex rules and the transactions will be automatically created when necessary. This features is only available as a part of the Balance Pro upgrade, which can be purchased at any time from within Balance's settings screen via In App Purchase. If you've previously purchased Balance Pro, this feature is added free of charge when you upgrade to Balance 2.1.

Quick Clear:
Tap-and-hold on a transaction and a new menu pops up. From there, you can mark a transaction as cleared or not. (This feature requires iOS 3.2 or later, although Balance still supports iOS 3.1.3.)

Duplicate Transactions:
The ability to duplicate transactions has been added. A sheet pops up with all of the information of the original transaction pre-entered, although duplicates are given today's date rather than the original's date. You can also duplicate transactions from the Quick Clear menu.

Improved Backup and Smart Restore:
Smart Restore is a new feature in Balance 2.1 that greatly improves the restore from backup process. When restoring from backup, Balance will do its best to merge information stored on your device with the information stored in the backup file. This means that the new Smart Restore can be used to manually keep data in sync across multiple devices. Additionally, on iOS 3.2 or higher, you can now restore directly from a backup file stored in your email account without having to use the Web browser restore method.

Streamlined Interface:
In order to streamline the interface, the + button has been moved to the bottom-left corner of the screen in all places and the actions menu (with options to export, restore, etc.) has been moved to the settings screen.

iOS 4 and Retina Display Support:
This version of Balance now adds support for fast app switching on iOS 4 as well as high-resolution graphics for the Retina display.

Accessibility Support:
Balance 2.1 adds full support for VoiceOver accessibility.

Improved Currency Support:
Balance now allows you to set the currency for your accounts independently of your device's Region Format. Additionally, if you are using Balance Pro, each account that you've set up can have a different currency.

Cleared Balance and Deposit/Withdrawal Totals:
On the transactions list screen in Balance, you can now tap on the balance in the bottom toolbar to display the cleared balance of your account or to display the total of deposits or withdrawals.

Other Fixes and Changes:
- A new button to edit account information has been added to the accounts list screen in Balance Pro.
- Balance can now be used in landscape orientation.
- Scrolling performance has been improved, especially on the transactions list screen.
- The support email address and Web site has been updated to the new location.
- An option to restore the upgrade to Balance Pro free of charge for previous owners has been added.
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