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開発者2D Sense, Inc
リリース日2008-07-25 03:30:43
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互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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What is it?
2D Sense - previously known as iMatrix - is the universal 2D code processing platform of choice for the iPhone.

What are 2D codes?
2D codes are the next generation of visual codes that can contain much more data than ordinary barcodes due to their matrix structure.

What can I do with 2D Sense?
2D Sense makes it easy to connect real world objects and events to your online digital world. Using the iPhone's built-in camera, 2D Sense decodes/reads all the popular 2D code formats providing one click access to websites, videos, music, coupons, telephone numbers, audio, notes and most other types of digital media.

How does it work?
When you find a code you would like to decode just take a picture via the "Scan" feature and we'll connect you to the embedded information.. It's that easy!
* Note - You can use your fingers to center the code image in the viewfinder for better processing.

What 2D code formats are supported?
Our goal is to become the universal reader for all your 2d code needs. We recognize that there are many 2d code formats out there for different purposes and different needs. With this in mind, we try our best to support open standard formats as well as proprietary ones.

In our commitment to become the most standard compliant reader on the market, we support these formats (additional standard format support is under development):
QR Code

At the same time, we also support other non-standard formats such as:
Visual Codes

What else?
Via 2dsense.com you can:
- Create your own direct codes
- Collect and organize your created and scanned codes
* We are just as concerned about privacy as you are, that's why we let you register anonymously and we don't require your age, sex or any other personal information.

2D Sense is a fantastic reader, but it also has additional features you'll find handy...

In 2008, paper coupons make no sense. They're usually a waste of paper and are usually forgotten when needed the most. Since we carry our iPhones with us all the time, it makes sense to receive and store coupons there. That's the reason we're working very hard to have our partners distribute coupons via our platform.

Via 2D Sense you can receive coupons that:
- are redeemable only in your area and with vendors you're familiar
- are fully digital with video and images of the product
- have website and phone number of the vendor
- may have map or directions to the vendor nearest to you
- provide clear expiration dates and terms
- you can share with friends and loved ones
- are always with you

Just as the iPhone makes for a great place to receive and store coupons, we can do the same for tickets. Via selected partners you'll be able to buy your tickets and have them sent to 2D Sense in your iPhone. On the day of the event all you have to do is show the barcode/2d code image stored in 2D Sense and have it scanned. That's it, you are in!

In 2D Sense tickets are:
- uniquely identifiable
- provide event information and location
- fully digital

We're giving access to our web services to partners and developers. Email info@2dsense.com for details.

2D Sense - as a ubiquitous computing platform - has many location dependent features such as:
- you may unobtrusively receive coupons that can only be redeemed in your area
- we're highly integrated with the iPhone's Map application providing direct access to codes that have embedded locations as well as directions

We're really, really trying to make this app one you love to use. At the same time, we're human and as you know, we make mistakes. Please visit our site and give us your feedback or ways in which we can make 2D Sense better. Come visit our site to check all the new exciting stuff we're working on or just send us an email. We love to hear from our users.

General interface changes and compatibility with iPhone OS 3.0
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