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星4.26882 (93人)
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Highlights of the features of HelloBoss:

- HelloBoss has the ability to create automatic self-introductions and receive AI counseling. Our intelligent ChatGPT technology enables job seekers to effortlessly craft impressive self-introductions that make a lasting impression. Additionally, our AI counselors provide invaluable guidance throughout the job search process, ensuring you're always getting support if in need.
- With HelloBoss, all you need to do is input your online resume, and you'll start receiving scout messages directly from potential employers!
- HelloBoss goes above and beyond by offering a comprehensive suite of services. From resume creation to the hiring process, our app streamlines every step, making it incredibly convenient for job seekers and employers alike. You can even create multiple resumes tailored to different companies and job positions, maximizing your chances of success.
- Communication is key, and HelloBoss enables job seekers and employers to connect instantly through our intuitive chat feature. Simply send a warm "Hello," and the conversation can begin. This direct and efficient approach fosters a more personal and meaningful connection, setting the stage for successful professional relationships.
- HelloBoss also allows you to search for opportunities based on specific criteria such as industry, job type, employment status, and salary. We've made the process seamless and user-friendly, so you can focus on finding the ideal position that matches your aspirations and goals.
- HelloBoss even provides free access to a vast database of up to 5.3 million domestic companies, making it the largest in Japan. Discover hidden opportunities and explore various industries with ease.
- We understand the importance of making informed decisions, which is why HelloBoss offers comprehensive information about companies in Japan. From basic company details to recruitment information, reviews, and even bulletin boards, we've got you covered. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to well-informed choices.
- What's more, we're proud to be the first in Japan to offer free access to an AI-estimated number of regular employees based on our unique algorithms, giving you valuable insights into company size and stability.

And guess what, all these features can be used for FREE with a few simple steps to unlock the experience!

HelloBoss is highly recommended for individuals who are eager to change jobs immediately or explore new career opportunities in Japan. Whether you're living abroad or simply open to exceptional opportunities, our app caters to your needs. Experience a seamless job search process without the need for agents, and interact directly with your future boss to gain insights into their personality and company culture.

Download HelloBoss today and step into the future of job search. Say hello to your dream job with HelloBoss!

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